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Pineal gland symptoms?

I wasn't sure what board to post this in.My doctor is usually in a rush and I find it difficult to talk to her about all these situations I am having. I'm not sure if it is natural occurring or something I should be worried about. I'm 18.She found a cyst in my pineal gland, though assured me it...

by User avatar Jkrolling

Is there a way to stimulate pituitary gland?

Hi! My cousin has a certain hormonal disorder. His human growth hormone level is too low. Because of that he has many different medical problems. I know that I’ve read something about human growth hormone and pituitary gland, but I can’t remember everything now. Does anybody know is...

by User avatar karna192059414

severe fatigue, headache, nausea, shaking spells

Answered by a doctor

For the past year I have had these spells were I am severely nauseous (most of the time i throw up), i shake uncontrollably, i sweat, have horrible headaches, confusion, so weak i can't stand, and sometimes i faint. it's always about 3-4 hours after i eat and drinking something with a lot of sugar...

by User avatar briannexlauren145794

shortness of breath a symptom of adrenal tumor?

Answered by a doctor

hi. im a 18 yr old who has experienced anxiety  shortness of breath palpitations and rapid heart beat 24/7 for a few months. i have ruled out every heart/lung problem. my MAIN symptom is shortness of breath. is that a symptom of an adrenal tumor? or could all of this be a severe anxiety...

by User avatar football4life69317

Anyone recovering from hypoadrenia (adrenal fatigue)?

Answered by a doctor

I was just diagnosed with adrenal fatigue but I'm concerned because I can't find any solid medical writing about adrenal fatigue, nothing that appears in any peer reviewed journals, that is. I'm going along with my doctor's supplement protocol for the time being. I don't know what else to do. I've...

by User avatar salama257

Need to locate a good endocrinologist surgeon

I need to locate a good endocrinologist surgeon who has lots of experience performing the minimally invasion parathyroid surgery (requiring very small incisions). I live near Ft. Smith, Arkansas and hope there is someone in this state!

by User avatar Guest

Doctor said that I'm having MTHFR gene mutation and gave me meds which didn't improve my state

I don't even know where to start..  I just turned 22. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and played college soccer for 2 years.  This past July,  (7 months ago),  all my symptoms started.  I stayed up all night long partying with my friends,  which was normal for me...

by User avatar Guest

Parathyroid surgery 3 weeks ago.

Answered by a doctor

I had a parathyroid adenoma removed 3 weeks ago and don't feel better. At one week my calcium was 10.2 which is higher than before the operation when it was 10 and my PTH was 55 down from 92. The doctor says the levels usually fall right away. I am wondering if anyone has had this happen and if the...

by User avatar Guest

armpit odor

Answered by a doctor

I am 17 years old girl and I have embarrassing problem. Few years already, I have problems with armpit odor, and I hate it. I have noticed that is only me in my class with so strong armpit odor, so I wonder why that is. Can you give me any explanation and can you tell me is there any way to get...

by User avatar Guest

Anyone else on Bromocriptine for having a pituitary tumor?

Hello! My mother has a pituitary gland tumor. Her doctor says it is small and it is called prolactinoma which is the most common type of pituitary tumor. Whole family was in panic after we found out but her doctor explained everything and we calmed down. Her doctor prescribed Bromocriptine. Is there...

by User avatar keelia64959687