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testerone level

My son is ordered by one doctor to perform testosterone test. It seems that his puberty is delayed or slow in developing. Although we know there are differences from individual to individual as to when puberty begins, generally it should start by the age of 10 years. He is 13 so we decided to check...

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endocrine disorders

Hi there, I am a girl who is 17 years old. I have a question for all of you. Can you tell me something about endocrine disorders? I really want to know at least the name for some of those conditions. Thank you in advance for everything you say. I am really sorry to waste your valuable time.

by User avatar arlyn35881

pituitary tumor and gland removed now vision problem

HI all. I had pituitary tumor and gland removed. But, now, I have now vision problems? Vision clear one day and seeing double the next. Anyone??????

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pituitary gland disorder

Hi, my aunt is suffering from pituitary gland disorder. He is 56 years old and several weeks ago she felt very sick so she went to the doctor. As she was suffering from high blood pressure they made her several analyses and CT of her scull as she complained on headaches. There was found empty sella...

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Adrenal gland tumors.

I have adrenal gland tumors on both sides and severe insomnia.Is this the reason?

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hi there i fall asleep too often these days and then i would wake up in my mind but i cannot move my body but then i must will myself to get my fingers moving and my arms moving and then i can feel my heart beat pick up and then i can wake up sometime i can open my eyes but thats about it and i can...

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endocrine hormones

Greetings, I am a guy who is 21 years old. I would like something about endocrine system and endocrine hormones. Specifically, I would like to know something about endocrine diseases. I would like to hear your answer as soon as possible. Have a nice day. For everything you write I will be very...

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endocronology problem

I have heard one friend of mine has some endocrinology problem. When I asked his mother, she could not tell me anything more. She said it could be serious, and he should be diagnosed. They seem to doubt about diabetes. Now I am confused and I want to know if diabetes is connected with endocrinology...

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swollen saliva glands

Hello. I have swollen circumvallet pappillae and blocked left saliva duct. uncomfortable swollowing.went to ER. got gabapentin 300 mg. correct meds?

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