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What can cause diabetics to lose weight if their blood sugar is not well controlled?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My husband was overweight, but he lost weight. After that, it is found that he is diabetic. Doctor told us that he has type 2 diabetes for some time. So, I want to know what can cause diabetics to lose weight if their blood sugar is not well controlled. I hope that you will be able to explain...

by User avatar johan113266815

Pineal Gland Tumor Surgery Oct 5, 2015

Hey guys. I had suboccipital craniotomy to remove my 12mm pineal gland cyst/tumor/mass, with a 3 mm rim of enhancement just 4 weeks ago in Boston, MA  and guess what? I am symptom free!  Only recovering from the surgery site itself. I created a blog to document and chronicle my uphill...

by User avatar Guest

Array of symptoms, 3 months, what's wrong?

Hello everyone, new to the boards.. I am a 19 year old college student, and I have been having symptoms ever since what I believe to be was a panic attack in mid March. I smoked cigarettes as well as chewed tobacco for 15 months before this event happened, and have been free of these habits since...

by User avatar Guest

Feeling light headed, vertigo, headaches and ear pressure problems

Answered by a doctor

I've been feeling dizzy and light headed for over a year.  Symptoms keep changing. I periodically get fullness in my ears follows by positional vertigo.  Attack lasts for a couple hours.  I also have sporadic tinnitus.  On another note, I always have been sensitive to plane take...

by User avatar Guest

Hormone Chills

Hi, something is happening to my wife, I think her hormones are imbalanced. Six months ago, she started to gain weight, her menstruations became painful and followed by cramps, and she has a constant chilly feeling in her hands and feet. I don’t know about these stuff, and I would appreciate if...

by User avatar Guest

swollen lips after oral sex

Answered by a doctor

My boyfriend had hives all over his back and sides, his lips swole after we 69ed.... The bed we were in had been rained on months ago, and I believe there was probably mold. He's alergic to penicillin. So I believe that was the cause of the bumps and swelling. Could it have been me though?...

by User avatar girl22345403

Can you tell me more about pineal cyst?

hi eveyone any support groups on this subject? anywhere thanks

by User avatar bkatlvr07337466

I'm always tired and overheating, I have to go the bathroom often, my stomach hurts. I am virgin

I'm 15 years old and this always happes to me. I'm always tired and overheating . I have to go the bathroom way more frequently, my stomach is always hurting and I just overall don't feel good. this happens all the time, why is this happening and what symptoms are these? btw, I'm a virgin so these...

by User avatar Genesis

i had a brain tumor removed back in 2000 and i am still suffering from headaches everyday

hello all. this is my first post as a member so bare with me..i had a brain tumor removed back in 2000 and i am still suffering from headaches everyday..the surgeon damaged my pitutary gland in my brain which is you master caused my thyroid to grow to 3 times the normal size to were i...

by User avatar rustysteel331725

Lightheaded Dizzy Nauseous low BP

Answered by a doctor

Hi  /I am a mom of 2 and Im 32 years old, recently I have become confused at times, cold all the time, I get nauseous(on a daily bases) and sometimes vomit. I have not been to the Doc because quiet frankly he is a jerk and always in a hurry to get his patients out! I recently went to a different...

by User avatar BrandiB