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Lightheaded Dizzy Nauseous low BP

Answered by a doctor

Hi  /I am a mom of 2 and Im 32 years old, recently I have become confused at times, cold all the time, I get nauseous(on a daily bases) and sometimes vomit. I have not been to the Doc because quiet frankly he is a jerk and always in a hurry to get his patients out! I recently went to a different...

by User avatar BrandiB

I have had severe headaches, weight loss, 4 very swollen glands in my neck, fatigue, sweats, etc.

Answered by a doctor

I am a 33 year old generally healthy female. Over yhe past five months I have had severe headaches, weight loss, 4 very swollen glands in my neck, fatigue, sweats and now a painful 'lump' in my palm. Any ideas? I've been to three Drs with no relief.

by User avatar Guest

Pineal Gland Calcification...CYST OR TUMOR?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone have information on this? My husband recently had several test confirming a "large, dense calcification within his pineal gland is present." If it was just a cyst would the reports ...ct, mri with and without contrast and pet scans reports....of refered to it as a cyst? The...

by User avatar peipaws5446

connection between childhood epilepsy and pituitary tumors?

Is there any connection between childhood epilepsy and pituitary tumors?

by User avatar mary

i have hotflashes, one minute i'm cold, next burning up

Answered by a doctor

Well im 25 female ive had gallbladder surgery and ive had a history of ulcers and i have hotflashes one minute im cold next burning up im freezing when everyone else is hot ive been on the depo after i had my daughter im off it now an i have not had a period for 5 months and ive been so tired and...

by User avatar ashley

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Answered by a doctor

Hi I'm Lithe Gaudreau and I have had this DEVIL DISEASE or SYNDROME for over 5 years. I'm 5'5 & 41 years old. I used to be pretty. 110-130. I never cared or dieted...I was always the lucky one of my girl friends. Unfortunately this illness is KILLING ME & Everyone that STILL cares about me....

by User avatar Lithe Gaudreau307578

Headache on the right side of my head and feeling sick when i move

Answered by a doctor

At first it was just a headache on one side of my head and I was hungry so I had something to eat because I thought that would make me feel better but it made it worse and its like a sharp pain and because it's on my right side, if I close  My right eye it helps with the pain but when I move or...

by User avatar AmieSmiler99305549

parathyroid surgeon boston or new england

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone know of experienced parathyroid surgeons in Boston or New England area? Desperate for more info and fearful as was told "do not go to Boston" and that there are no experts in this area in Boston. Feeling terrible and have large tumor that needs to be removed. Suggestions for...

by User avatar worried

Parathyroid surgeon in St. Louis

Answered by a doctor

Looking for a doctor that does Dr. Norman's MIRP Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroid Surgery in the St. Louis, MO area.

by User avatar Guest

Parotid gland swollen

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I was dx'd with follicular thyroid cancer last year. I had 2 surgeries and one dose of radioactive iodine soon afterwards. My doc told me it was very common to have problems with the glands for a few weeks following this treatment so I did not worry much about this at that time. But, it's been...

by User avatar Guest