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Gallbladder Hida Scan low ejection fraction

Answered by a doctor

Hi Since my pregnancy about 2 years ago I have developed gastric problems I've never had before. epigastric intense pressure sometimes so bad it makes it hard for me to breath out I feel like somthing is blowing up inside me it radiates to the back & in my chest. Sometimes pain but not severe on...

by User avatar malibu

HIDA scan showed EF of 26%. Is that low enough for surgery?

I have been having horrible GI problems for about 6 weeks now. Upper abdominal ultrasound showed nothing, Abdominal CT with and without contrast showed a slightly enlarged liver (liver enzyme blood work was all fine), and upper endoscopy was normal. Finally my doctor decided to give me a HIDA scan...

by User avatar seen dress

Hyperactive / Overactive / Hyperactive Gallbladder need to find a Doctor in PA

Answered by a doctor

Hi,I really could use some help finding a doctor that has experience with Hyperkinetic Gallbladders in Bucks County PA or anywhere near Philadelphia. For the past four months I’ve been having digestive issues that seem to point to a possible issue with my gallbladder, I also have strong family...

by User avatar mjd291

Is my spleen hurting?

Answered by a doctor

%-) I need some help... For the past four days, I have been experiencing a weird sensation under my ribcage on the left. It started happening when I was sitting after eating. Now it seems to have no relation to me eating because it's happening more frequently. It's not exactly pain, but it is...

by User avatar amyintexas

Problem after gallbladder removed.

Answered by a doctor

I had my gallbladder taken out in December 2009,i have recently noticed a lump forming on the right hand side of my incision fro where i had keyhole,i am constantly suffering a bloated tummy where i look 9mnths pregnant,i have a lot of tummy pain to,but i am not having any pain where the lump is...

by User avatar Guest

sweet smell in my nostril since I had bronchitis

Answered by a doctor

A few weeks ago I had a bad case of bronchitis, and finally went to the doctor and he gave me a strong antibiotic. I took it for 10 days and during nad since then I have a sickly sweet smell in my nose. It was worse while I was sick, but I still smell it every day even though I am over the bad cough...

by User avatar Lorene6180889

Terrible stomach bloating every day for three years after gall bladder surgery

stomach bloating my whole stomach and intestines are bloated so bad every night I can't wear my clothes, no matter what I doctor has any answers or solutions...HELP! What is wrong with me?

by User avatar Guest

Gallbladder Polyps - Why aren't they recognised more as cause for Gallbladder-type symptoms?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all.....i'm a 36year old female and for last 3+ years have been suffering general digestive discomfort.  It started off at first being occasional wind, acid reflux/indigestion, burping and a slight stabbing/throbbing pain in my upper right abdomen, just under the right side of my rib cage. I...

by User avatar valiant ash

hemp oil for pancreatitis

Answered by a doctor

Is hemp oil ok to take when you have chronic pancreatitis

by User avatar andyskins

Food allergies started after gallbladder removal? Can it be some connection between those two?

Answered by a doctor

I had my gallbladder removed one month ago because of an attack that landed me in the ER, gallstones, extended gallbladder and nausea. Today I ate lunch and my tongue began swelling and was numb. I went to urgent care where I was given epinephrine, benadryl, and steroids. I have never had food...

by User avatar Danielle