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sternum area and gallbladder pain

Answered by a doctor

Lately I have had severe pain in my sternum area. The onset is almost exactly 2 hours after eating a normal meal and it lasts for about 3 hours, sometimes more. During this time it is always constant although of varying intensity. It seems to radiate toward my back on the same side. I saw a MD who...

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I was told that I have +25 hemangioma on my spleen. Does anyone else have that many?

I was told that I have +25 hemangioa's on my spleen. Does anyone else have that many? If so, what were you advised to do about this issue?

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keyhole gallbladder removal problems after. I'm unable to straighten my spine due to pain

Answered by a doctor

On monday 21st may 2018 I had keyhole surgery to have a gallbladder removal. I have been having problems since. When i cough or take a deep breath or burp under my ribs well and truly hurt. When i place my hand on my upper abdomen it feels like something is moving when i try to...

by User avatar yvonne2018365359

Using cocaine after having pancreatitis?

Answered by a doctor

My boyfriend had a severe case of pancreatitis in April to June, he had major surgery and had 50% of his pancreas removed! I was just wondering if him using cocaine would affect his health at all besides the obvious, that it is a drug! He is aware of the consequences, and just is curious as to if...

by User avatar DoubleG

Gallbladder Ejection Fraction of 28%

Answered by a doctor

Hello all. I have been suffering from indigestion (even when I have nothing in my stomach), diarrhea, general abdominal discomfort, bloating, and lots of nausea for the last year and a half. I had some problems with these things before a year and a half ago, but for the last year and a half I've...

by User avatar tomb19851

CCK HIDA indicates hyperkinetic gallbladder

Answered by a doctor

From what I am reading here, a person either has a gallbladder that doesn't eject bile, or in my case, ejects too much all at once. My test results were: hyperkinetic gallbladder, with ejection fraction of 93% by 10 minutes. The tech administering the CCK said he had never seen any one get...

by User avatar dltanac111952

Gallbladder Surgery, pain when breathing deep

Answered by a doctor

I had my gallbladder removed 5 days ago. Starting on my 4th day post-op I developed a pain when I breathe deeply. It hurts in the right side of my upper abdomen and also in my back area. It's not the pain like it was when I had my gallbladder attacks - is this normal? It is most painful when I...

by User avatar Kiwi77

swelling on the right side just above the waist line. my appendix is taken out many years ago

my right side just above e waist line is swollen area by belly button tisssue is hard.. apendix taken out many yrs ago ?

by User avatar brian..

Pancreatitis food diet for breakfast lunch and dinner

Hi ,  Greetings!  I saw so many q&a but I don’t get clarity on those . Actually last year oct 2017 I was undergone for a gallbladder surgery and it has been removed from there I stopped alcohol and smoking totally till date ,later after 6 months means in this month may I...

by User avatar Sai

Calcium deposit on baby's liver

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and recently had a level 2 ultrasound revealing a 4 cm spot white spot on my baby's liver. The doctor is puzzled and doesn't know what this could be, although he is thinking it probably isn't serious since it's in the liver versus the heart, brain, bowels, or kidneys.The...

by User avatar AMS