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Gall bladder removal

I had acute pain in my abdomin six times in the last year. After observing my medical reports which says: Gall bladder lumen contains numerous tiny calculi meas 3mm-4mm size with A.S., wall thickness increased, Edematous meas 9mm-10mm, Findings suggestive of Fatty Dposition of liver, Acute calculus...

by User avatar anilkumar70776


I had gallbladder surgery two months ago, it was ok all,but now i feel pain in the left side of stomach i think that is splenomegalia,my doctor sad "dont worry" you are in god position,but i am still woried.Help me with some advice please

by User avatar mitodi

No removal needed for gallbladder! Can I drink alcohol now?

Answered by a doctor

Can you drink when you have/had gallstones I don't need it removed they said it would pass but wondering if I can drink alcohol now???? Had last pain was :D July 9th... The Doctor told me not to eat fatty foods, spice foods, or have alcohol... But is the alcohol thing just when it was inflammed???...

by User avatar smiles

Concerned about fatty liver - high GGT

I have developed a fatty liver, though I never took a drop of an alcoholic drink! How the hell could that happen to me then? Also, my GGT level is high, which, as I've been said, refers to the alcohol, but again, my cousins don’t believe me and laugh when I start talking about my sobriety. So,...

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Gallbladder removed 3 yrs ago, suggest me the food I can eat

Answered by a doctor

Hi , I had my gallbladder out 3 yrs ago. After many tests and specialist, the one Dr I saw had me do the Hida test and found it was functioning at 14%. My sister had the same test and hers is at 4%. Her Dr told her he doesnt feel hers needs to come out. She is fine now. I dont understand why mine...

by User avatar hpylar

After my wreck in 2008, I've been constipated from my gall bladder removal, any tips?

Answered by a doctor

I had to have my gall bladder removed (amoung my splien, partical liver, etc...) after my wreck in june 2008; and at first I thought my constant constipation was a result from the opiates they had me on, but it's insanely embarrassing and painful. Any tips or medication that would help???

by User avatar Guest

Detoxing the liver

I have no troubles with health, but I would like to ask you something general. How did the accumulation and the development of the chemicals, especially in the food industry, influence the regular functioning of human liver and its main activity: detoxification?

by User avatar senko1547

what causes stools to turn green and or become loose quickly

what causes stools to turn green and or become loose quickly. Pancreas?

by User avatar Guest

can we contact hepatitas thru airborne methods...kissing,spi

Help! wife and i cleaned house for a friend who has hepatitas c. we wore protective clothing and gloves..but while there he kept spiting on us accidently. Can we get the virus this way... we tried to be very careful but just very scared as we are around our children and grandchildren alot. Also his...

by User avatar jmpbkjack11506

Reclast effects on your liver?

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis affecting my neck femur 3 years ago and my doctor recommended I try Reclast infusion. At the time it seemed like the most convenient options since I’d only need to have a yearly treatment. After the first treatment it was quickly pretty obvious that this is no...

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