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Reclast effects on your liver?

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis affecting my neck femur 3 years ago and my doctor recommended I try Reclast infusion. At the time it seemed like the most convenient options since I’d only need to have a yearly treatment. After the first treatment it was quickly pretty obvious that this is no...

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gall bladder odor

sweet odor in nostrels after removal of gall bladder.

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limitations after gall bladder surgery

I am 6 weeks post op from a total vaginal hysterectomy and will be going in the next 1-2 weeks to have my gallbladder removed. I have gall stones and i am meeting with the surgeon tomorrow to set up surgery date. What limitations will there be after surgery? sex, lifting, foods? I am really not...

by User avatar priscillarose74599

diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis

Answered by a doctor

I have been living with pain for over a year now.  I have lost approx 30 pounds and had a lipase test done.  The doctor I had took blood for the test.  He did not however have me fast before.  My levels are 160.  I am curious if anyone else had such a low level and still have all the pain ,...

by User avatar theonlysamson286747