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dizziness after gall bladder removal

Answered by a doctor

I had my gall bladder removed 7 days ago and I am having a slight problem feeling dizzy and lightheaded off and on for no apparrent reason. What do you think the problem could be? I have hypertension but I take meds or it and I have been monitoring it and it stays around 127/87. Not a reason for my...

by User avatar roonie

Had my gallbladder removed and now have food allergies and intolerances!

Answered by a doctor

Dear anyone,I had my gallbladder out around 4 years ago after it had become infected, enlarged and hardened.  I suffered with awful pain, occasional D&V and just feeling "rotten" and various foods and drinks would trigger off an attack which could last up to 3 days.  I was told that all would...

by User avatar Andree68202800

slight ache in liver area 8 months After Gall Bladder removal

I had my gallbladder out 8 months ago I still have slight achiness in liver area, is this normal?

by User avatar Guest

Problems After Gallbladder Removal

Answered by a doctor

I had my gallbladder removed three weeks ago. Two days after gallbladder removal diarrhea started and it is yellow. Is this common after the procedure? Should I aspect other post op problems?

by User avatar Guest

Marijuana use and Chronic Pancreatitis

Answered by a doctor

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the effects of Marijuana use regarding Chronic Pancreatitis were. I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis a few years back after the doctors found gall stones in my bile ducts(i was 16 then, im 18 now). As they were operating on me to get the stones out...

by User avatar Guest from Rochester NY

Gallbladder surgery

Sex before gallbladder surgery

by User avatar Guest

gallbladder symptons brought on by period

Answered by a doctor

Every month at the start of my period I am experiencing unbearable pain in the upper right side of my abdomen under my right rib. The pain also extends into my right collarbone. This pain is so bad it can leave me unable to walk or straighten for around 2 days and I can feel the pain go into spasm,...

by User avatar Guest

strange movements after gallbladder removed

Answered by a doctor

Hi my name is Aylessa and I'm 23 last month in December I had my gallbladder removed because of gallstones surgery went fine and I was sent home. The very next day I experienced an even worse pain and was sent back to have another surgery done to open up a valve that connects from my liver to my...

by User avatar lyssa

6 weeks after gall bladder removal ,constant nausea and diarehaa wont stop and cant eat

Answered by a doctor

after 6 weeks from majot gall bladder removal,still have contant nausea and dareahaa as well as lost 20 lbs and cant eat a thing on phenergin ,zofran etc

by User avatar johnduffy

Yellow/Clear leaking from Belly Button - After Gallbladder o

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am a bit concerned. I had my gallbladder out on 12 January 2008. The nurses changed my bandages at the hospital and said I shouldn't have to change them again but they would give me some spare anyway. The 3 incisions (under breasts, two on the right) have healed fine, though came apart...

by User avatar foxblade