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my daughter is diagnosed with Alopecia areata, it seems like steroid injections have helped

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a daughter who is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with alopecia areata. I caught this quite quickly but it has caused a lot of damage to her hair. She stresses a lot over this , gets bullied , and gets called names. I went to a doctor and she gave her injected her with steroids in the...

by User avatar Guest

Dry facial skin and receding hairline

I have a receeding hair line and dry facial skin, what should I do to have my hairline back. Someone advise me to use castor oil on facial skin and jamaican black castor oil for hairline but have not tried yet, please help

by User avatar Sue358153

Butt Hair Removal

Answered by a doctor

How to remove butt hair permenantly?

by User avatar Guest

White hairs in my beard at 15 years of age

Hello So I am 15 and pretty mature. I look about 19 years old. So the problem I am facing is, that i have couple of hairs in my beard is white. I literally have white hairs and I am 15!!! Majority of my beard is black otherwise. I smoke tobacco and ocasionally smoke weed and drink, if...

by User avatar Nython

I have done FUE Hair transplant and I saw that my forehead got deflated

Hi i have done FUE Hair -Transplant,,2/1/2017 after transplant i saw with in 24hr that my for-head get deflation around from the center ,, and now i am felling very bad and thinking that why i go to the hair transplant.. please any one can help me for the to understand ,, and for the...

by User avatar Harsh Bedi359676

Black Hair turning into light brown hair

I am 24 year old male. Since my high school ( when i was 14 ), i had a thick black moustache and thick black hair, but i had golden hair on my hands and legs. But when i turned 16, this golden started to disappear and black hair started growing on both my hands and legs. I was very glad it had...

by User avatar Guest

Benefits of Manuka honey for Hair? I am losing mine and would like to try it out

I am loosing may hairs and one of my friend told me about the benefit of Manuka honey for hir lose. Do you know any benefits of Manuka honey for Hairs?

by User avatar Steven Thomas359263

Salman Khan, Amitab Bachan, Kapil Sharma how do they fixed their hair?

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Amitab Bachan, Kapil Sharma and many others had very less hair in there front area of head. But suddenly they fixed it. Sample:

by User avatar iamtesting359163

How to prevent scalp folliculitis?

Answered by a doctor

My brother has scalp folliculitis and I think it is very ugly. Now he needs to take antibiotic because of it. I hope that I will not get it. I want to inform more about this. Tell me, please, how to prevent scalp folliculitis? Do I need to be more careful while I’m shaving?

by User avatar dick35819

What to do about folliculitis removal?

Answered by a doctor

I heard that folliculitis can go away without medical treatment within two to three days. But it’s not happened to me. I need to do something to remove then from my face. Does anybody know what to do about folliculitis removal? Please, can somebody give me some good advice? Thanks!

by User avatar rutledge39766872