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are herbal remedies good for a facial hair loss? what would be your recommendation?

Facial hair loss? Anyone with experience about this?         I am 33 years old. About 6 years ago I started losing goatee area facial hair. I never had sideburns which connect to the goatee. I always had a thick mustache, beard and sideburns that grew in well except the...

by User avatar convinced cockroach

male losing a lot of hair lately and having receding hair line. any remedies?

Losing a lot of hair lately. Receding hair line While shampooing i notice a lot of hair falling out My head used to be full of volume now very less volume Gray wavy hair increasing Some times when i move my hair in some other direction it kind of hurts my scalp Sometimes i...

by User avatar pricey airship

lack of hair on arms, legs and face

I have problem that makes me worried. I am 20 years old male with lack of hair on my arms, legs and face. I do not know why this happened to me, but I would like to be as my friends. Could you tell me more about problem with lack of hair on legs, arms and face? Is there any solution for problem,...

by User avatar Guest

Extreme hair thinning on both sides of may head

I have a very difficult problem. I am losing about 1% of my temple hair to the ears every day it seems. I had very thick harir 6 months ago and now it's so thin you can see scalp through my hair. I have gone to many doctors. i have received the typical cortisone shots from the Dermatologist. I have...

by User avatar JoeBarto

Why does my hair go thinner every day and getting damaged as well?

I don't know why I start losing my hair. My hair get damaged at the edges. Hair line is receding. I am taking too much stress for it and I am very worried about it. Please suggest me some solution of this problem. I am not gonna bald in young age em just 23.

by User avatar upstream hippodrome

Hair loss because of ablation?

Answered by a doctor

I had the ablation done back in March of 2010 and I have been almost what looks like bald spots on the top of my head. I have been noticing alot of hair everywhere. I am now very concerned about my hair lose. Will it grow back? Is this something that I need to see my doctor for. Has anyone...

by User avatar maymay

Is blood under dandruff flakes normal?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all, My daughter is just 5 and she has this long black curly hair. her hair is pretty dense and recently a thick mat of dandruff settled on her scalp. I really feel it whenever I see her scratching her scalp and am presently trying everything to rid her of the dandruff. Her dandruff is a bit...

by User avatar Amma106994

Hair growing around eyes

I have hair growing around my eyes im very self concious about it its not much hair right now but im sure it will grow more and more i try to tweeze it out but it doesnt work all that well sometimes so i have to shave it maybe once every 2-3 days sure i can continuously shave it but is there...

by User avatar IfHopeDies24393

I'm a teen girl with a mustache. my mum would never let me shave them

I'm a teenage girl and I have a mustache. What should I do? My mum would never late me shave it or anything. What should I do. It's pretty noticeable.

by User avatar Guest

Poped what i believe was a ingrown pubic hair, now its worse

Answered by a doctor

what do i do, I knwo its not an STD, and i had never gotten any pimples down ther before. But I shaved dopwn ther a couple of weeks ago and the other days noticed a zit down there so i riped it open, it hurt a bit buit thought nothing of it, buit now liek three days later it is excruciattingly...

by User avatar miles_mayhem