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Facial lip swelling after in grown hair

Answered by a doctor

So about three days ago, I noticed a red spot on my upper lip where my moustache grows, to the touch it was very tender, indicative of a possible in grown hair. So I squeezed and used a pair of tweezers and pulled out the suspected hair. I also then aspirated some clear typr fluid followed by a...

by User avatar Joshua57262937

I'm a teenage girl with a thick mustache. all of my friends and family have noticed!

I'm girl and I have a mustache! My friends and my family have noticed it! I'm a girl too!!! I used to only have a few hairs, barely noticeable, but now it's getting thicker and thicker. I never talk to my mum about this stuff, so please don't tell me to talk to her about this. I'm really self...

by User avatar Guest

Teenage boys with hairy legs? How can I get rid of my hairy legs?

When I was only 14 my legs became very hairy, I had the hairiest legs in my class at school and was  sometimes told to trim them down a bit which I absolutely refused to do, just wondering if there are other 14 to 16-year-old teenage boys who have a 'problem' with their legs being so...

by User avatar almorr

Dark marks and scars from ingrown hair and irritation from shaving vagina how can I get rid of them?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 16 and I have little dark marks and scars all over my vagina area from shaving my vagina. I am a darker in complexion and the marks are from ingrown hair marks that healed after I shaving.The dark marks are all over my vagina and also on my bikini lines from shaving. Please help me, how can...

by User avatar Guest

I Have White Small Hairs Around My Mouth Line

hi guys. so im really self-concious about my body and about a year ago i started to notice small white hairs around my mouth line. i tried searching this up but nothings has popped up? I need help quickly. Can someone help me?

by User avatar must utensil

I started having hair loss on the temples but now I'm losing it also on top of my head

Answered by a doctor

I'm 16 and losing my hair. Anyone help? I started having hair loss on the temples when body hair started 2 years ago but now I'm losing it also on top of my head and there's already a spot where hair is really thin and you see my scalp It's about 6-7 cms and in the middle there's 1 cm...

by User avatar HansU

Copper and Zinc for gray hair

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone have experience with Copper and Zinc to reverse gray hair? I am 26 years old and there are some noticeable gray hairs in my head and facial hair. I have read these reports before. I am a 28 year old male, and as of October 30, 2010, I began taking 2 mg copper with 50 mg zinc to reverse...

by User avatar Guest

I am balding and can't grow beard, are these two connected?

I am balding and can't grow beard, are these two connected? I also have acne and I don't think it's normal at this age(21). Genetically, I should be going bald but every male in my family has a beard.  I did my tests and testosterone was normal but little low(if X amount is normal, I had...

by User avatar switch gelding

Has anyone else experienced hair loss because of gallbladder problems?

Has anyone else experienced hair loss because of gallbladder problems? I have battled hair loss for 5 years, which has become extreme in the last 12 months, exactly when I started to suffer digestive issues on a daily basis and gain weight. All of my symptoms are hallmarks of gallbladder issues:...

by User avatar neat root

Should I use Nair for genital shaving???

Answered by a doctor

I started to shave my private part not too long ago and I found it really hard so my bf tell me to let it grown out alit bit before I try anything else because I have the red bumps. I got rid of the bumps now and it doesn't hurt anymore but I still want to shave my private. I have a couples of...

by User avatar nina_lazycat