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Lice or dandruff??? I always feel an itch in my hair. i bought a lice repellent and see black things

i need help with my hair. I always feel an itch in my hair. I’ve used lice removal three times to remove whatever was in my hair and i still feel an itch. I also bought a lice repellent and it is still bugging me. I sometimes try and use my finger and pick out stuff in my hair but my mum tells me...

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how can you make that your hair grow fast?

how to make hair grow fast

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Hair coming out of centre of nipple

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I have a tiny hair growing out of the top of my nipple, and it looks like another one is coming through as I can see another black dot. Is this normal? I know it is common to have hairs on the areola, but havent seen too much info about hairs coming out of the actual nipple. I haven't any...

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how can I treat Recurrent scalp folliculitis?

Hi Richie,i'm suffering from scalp folliculitis from past 3 years.Tried everything just like you for no there any way i can contact you bcz even I'm from Bangalore.

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Could Biotin help control my diabetes and blood glucose levels?

I was reading about possible benefits that biotin can offer. it seems that somehow this supplement can be a good substitute for the magic wand because it can help in so many different problems. but I have to say that I was a little bit surprised when I read that biotin can help in controlling...

by User avatar Kia K777

What are Side effects of biotin supplements for hair growth?

Hey guys, so I am reading about Biotin and all the effects of this product or supplement for hair loss. I see that a lot of people are for it, that they do recommend it, but what about side - effects? So, let's be real people, every product and every supplement can have a side - effects, so I am...

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Does Biotin Help treat Acne and Skin Problems?

Hello guys. So, I had some face treatments and masks in some good cosmetic salon, and the worse thing happened - I got some really bad acne and general skin problems. Don't know what to do, I always had a skin like a baby and now I can't look myself in the mirror :( I am extremely sad about this, I...

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Can Biotin strengten my brittle nails?

good day. so, I am having some beauty question. I am aware of all benefits that biotin can do for the hair. I would like to recommend it to all, and I don't have problems with my hair, but it is related - somehow. I have really weak nails, so I really want to know can biotin help me for this as...

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What is the best supplement for hair growth?

Hi there. How are you guys? So, is there anyone who have a hair issue in here? Because I strongly do believe that I am not the only one. I am drinking water, I am using some capsules from the pharmacy story, but it seems to me that my hair won't grow at all. Also, it is really damaged so I...

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What foods have Biotin for hair growth?

hi there. so, after my third pregnancy, I have noticed that my hair is really rare and dry. it keeps falling off and I am scared that I might lose it. I mean, it is not like I am hairless but I am scared that in one stadium of my life I will be. I know that biotin can help me, but I don't want to...

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