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How to get rid of red marks after shaving

Answered by a doctor

I have recently started shaving and I don't want to consider waxsing or using a laser yet I want to know how often to shave what direction and how to get rid of red marks on the front and side of my vagin I would like to use cream or any other thing that are easy to get hold of 

by User avatar L

hair growth and brain surgery

Answered by a doctor

Quick Q Im 21, have decent hair with no sign of going bald next Monday im getting brain surgery on the top left hand side of my head, the scar will be from my left ear going up about 5 inches and I want to know Will in have problems with the hair growing back. Will the hair cover the scar ( I...

by User avatar Guest

Hair growing tips.

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have recently wanted long beautiful locks but it seems like my hair is taking forever to grow. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks i can do to make my hair grow faster or at least maximize the potential growth. I would prefer not to use any products. Thanks!!!!

by User avatar Guest

Hair shed/loss postpartum.

I'm 29 yrs old and I just gave birth to my second child, a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago (Dec. 11th 2009 to be exact) and just like after the birth of my son back in 2004, I would start to shed massive amounts of hair about 3 months postpartum. It's driving me CRAZY! I was at the salon on march...

by User avatar anewbeginingtoday14145056

What is the name for permanent hair removal ?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I am Marry ad I have a problem with unwanted hair growth. I have hair all over my face, chest and abdomen. So, I have decided to use permanent hair removal treatment. But, I want to know what the name for this procedure is. I hope you will know this and you will help me. Thank you very much!

by User avatar ana6056129