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My dandruff can never go away, I've used so many different medical anti dandruff shampoos

I've had dandruff so long now  I've used so many diffrent medical anti dandruff shampoo it may stop it for a day and then comes back the next. Before when i use to get a haircut like a fade in the sides i would see these white patches and it would be so embrassing and to prevent it happening...

by User avatar brooklynbd2009361427

SHAVING VAGINA- 3 TOPICS. Vitamin E Oil, Irritation and butt hairs.

Answered by a doctor

Hi. Im 22 years old and about 10 minutes ago I decided to shave the inside of my vagina for the first time. I always shaved my bikini line, never had irritation. I trimmed the innner vagina, but never shaved. I did as EVERYONE recommended. Here are my 3 questions. 1) To prevent irritation I...

by User avatar Mahina11108

i have dandruff and its bleeding, some bugs showed under the microscope

i have dandruff and when i scratch or something big flakes come out and a big patch of blood is remaining on my scalp. we put the piece of dandruff under a microscope we found bugs or something moving around on it. is this normal and if it is what is the solution?

by User avatar pomshey123

Dealing with alopecia, good luck to anyone going though the same thing

I'm 17 years old, I first was diagnosed in February 2017. My hair started to thin around my spit and behind my ears, within 2 months, I was loosing 80% of the hair at the back and sides of my head. I was in my second last year of school and it was coming up to summer holidays, I kept thinking it's...

by User avatar Katy

Female with chest hair? hair started growing on my stomach and breasts, as well

Answered by a doctor

I am a thirteen year old girl and I've noticed that hair has started growing on my chest, stomach, and boobs. Is this normal, and if not, any idea what might be wrong?

by User avatar Guest

hair in the beard not growing as the skin covered hair growth when ever I shave my beard

Answered by a doctor

when ever I shaved my beard some of the hair will grow normally as like in any one but some of hair will not come out .when you watch closely the skin around hair will close and prevent to erupt the hair out.when you scratch the skin hair will come out.i am facing this symptom since so many years,...

by User avatar Guest

Thinning hair caused by Vitamin D Deficiency

I've a question about thinning hair and vitamin d deficiency.  I've thinning hair due to vitamin d deficiency.  I've been taking 50,000IU vitamin d supplements for 1 month now, 1 pill each week.  I think my thinning hair is caused by vitamin d deficiency but my question is, if my...

by User avatar ElxieAssist360168

Is there a home remedy for permanent hair removal?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I want to ask you following: is there a home remedy for permanent hair removal? I have heard that treatments for hair removal are expensive and I do not want to waste my money and if there are any way for performing permanent hair removal at home conditions, I will try. Thank you!

by User avatar Guest

hair loss and restless leg syndrome

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have symptoms of restless leg syndrome, I can not sit in one place for long period of time. I need something to make it possible for me to rest and my hair is falling off. Is there any relation between these conditions?

by User avatar ference2206

Prevention for ingrown hair

Hi, I started shaving down there a couple months ago, and I was itchy and it turned out to be a big big ingrown hair bump, and had to have alot of stuff pushed out of it in the hospital that was 2 months ago and I just shaved again for the first time and I'm kind of scared it will come back. What...

by User avatar Guest