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Swollen anus problem

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I have one delicate problem and I was hopping someone can help me. This is how it’s all happened. Few days ago while I was having big business in my toilet, I’ve felt discomfort and pain passing a stool. First I thought it will pass away by it self but lately thing only get worse. I...

by User avatar Guest

I keep feeling it, but the doctors say that there is nothing there!

Hi! So I finally decided to go through the whole banding, banding, banding and finally the operation. I thought the operation was for the hemorrhoids that was coming from the inside, and pushing it's way outside. But after I woke up, i found out that they had removed a small polyp inside...

by User avatar DK85169943

how do you get external hemmorrhoids

I have heard for hemorrhoids and many people suffer of this. I understand some basic info about this but there is one thing that confused me. Lately I have heard there are internal and external hemorrhoids. I was always thinking this is the same so now I would like to know how you get external...

by User avatar antrobus329

Huge hole after hemorrhoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I just had a hemorrhoidectomy 5 days ago. No stitches were placed and I have a huge hole that seeps discharge and smells. How long will it take for the hole to heal, and will I get a skin tag from this procedure or should everything go back to normal after everything is healed. I don't have a...

by User avatar jac_153187992