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Does having hemorrhoids affect your erections?

Does hemorrhoids effect erections?

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Can hemorrhoids cause impotence or any penile dysfunction?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I occasionally suffer from Hemorrhoids, and have been told that they can cause impotence. Nothing I have read about Hemorrhoids seems to correlate with this, but it would but my mind at great ease if a medical professional could dispell the notion for me. Or is there any link? I have no...

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Post- Hemorrhoidectomy Care

Answered by a doctor

*** I am not a doctor, no where near it, I am a 20yr old student studying science of the earth, I know very little of the body, the only crudentials I have on this topic are purely from expirience (which i think has been the best crudential) and word of mouth through others, everybody is different,...

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Is the blood thinner aggravating the problem with Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

I take Plavix a blood thinner, I currently have internal bleeding hemorrhoids that have bled for several weeks. Is the blood thinner aggravating the problem?

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I got 4 banded hemorrhoids, but a few days later, I'm still not bleeding like doctor said I would

I went to the doctor Wednesday about having some skin tags removed. He told me, it was excessed skin that was pushed out from when I was having hemorrhoid problem. so he examined me more, and saw the Hemorrhoid that I was talking about having problems with. So we decided to band it. while he was...

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ultroid hemorroid treatment

Answered by a doctor

Sirs: I often depend on your site for medical information. A recent google surf for non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments lead me to "Ultroid." A little more seraching brought several favorable research studies. But I came back to your site for more answers--but there aren't any. You have no...

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suffered with Grade 4 hemorrhoids and underwent a closed hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago

I suffered with Grade 4 hemorrhoids and underwent a closed hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago. Before committing  to surgery I suffered with them for close to 20 years! Surgery was never an option for me and I made up in my mind that I would suffer for the rest of my days. My situation got worse...

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pain killers after hemroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

My husband had hemorrhoidectomy recently and he is suffering now from severe post op pain. However, doctor hasn’t prescribed him any of the pain killers. I would like to know what pain killers he can use after hemorrhoidectomy.

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Odor, Leakage, & Severe Tightening Pain After Hemmoroidectomy Surgery

I had my hemmoroidectomy 2 weeks ago & at my 1 week post op the Dr. said I had a thrombosed roid that had to be removed right there. I thought WTF I just went through surgery last Tuesday why did you not remove everything then. She said she left the three little ones & only took the two...

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Would you have hemorrhoidectomy AGAIN?

Answered by a doctor

I am trying to decide on having a hemorrhoidectomy. I have had hemorrhoids for over 20 years since the birth of my oldest child. Mine are external and most of the time don't flare up. I try to control them with diet, exercise, fluids and stool softeners. However I am so sick of the constant worry of...

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