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Banding of Hemorrhoids. i had three banding and pain hit me soon after so I took painkillers

Had three bandings done on Saturday lunchtime, the pain hit me soon after..The surgeon said I looked faint, the pain was enough to knock me out. They say no bowel movements on the same day, but some things are beyond our control, and more pain. Took two lots of painkillers, and only felt sort of ok...

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Hemorrhoid After Enema...advice on procedure recommended by

Answered by a doctor

I am new to this and would love to get some advice/guidance in this area. I currently have a hemorrhoid, and I have never had them in my life, I am in my thirties, was even hemorrhoids to this point. However, after my doctor recommended I do an enema to cleanse my bowels (after doing...

by User avatar NewGirlOnTopic92833

Can hemorrhoids reappear 20 days after surgery? Surgeon said that is only a swelling

Im 20 days post hemorrhoid ligation surgery and i have what it looks like a bigger hemorrhoid tissue in my bottom and the sutures popped out and this tissue came from inside. The surgeon said that this is normal after surgery and that is just tissue swelling. he RX sits baths and a compounded cream....

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THD Failure? New Internal Hemorrhoid One Week After Operation!!

Answered by a doctor

Hi,   I would like to say that this is a great forum, I learned more from here than from my doctor. I am a 25 yr old male who suffered from hemorrhoid since teen. Whenever I have a bowel movement my rectum would slightly prolapse and will be uncomfortable for about 20 minutes until it automatically...

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Scar tissue after hemorrhoid surgery

Answered by a doctor

It has been 6 weeks since I had hem surgery. It was 2 external and 2 internal and pretty bad once according to the surgeon. it was hell first few weeks of course. Thank god to the hot bath! If I write my whole story it would be long. I had this surgery 14 days after I had my baby. I have never had...

by User avatar sassycat

Post Hemorrhoid Surgery Eating - Best Foods

Answered by a doctor

I just had hemorrhoid surgery (last Wednesday) in which the doctor utilized the stapling method, but since the surger I have had very uncomfortable bowel movements and continuous pain. I have only been eating brown bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber as recommended, but do not know what other...

by User avatar Desert AH

bump after hemorrhoidectomy?

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, I have a question and I hope someone can help me. I had a laser hemorrhoidectomy almost 2 weeks ago and I have a bump/oval shaped thing right on my rectum. My recovery has been pretty painful like everyone else's, but wasn't this supposed to be gone my now? it looks just like a...

by User avatar kariniux151103

How Long Does It Take Hemorrhoids to Shrink???

Answered by a doctor

My husband has problems with hemorrhoids for few months already. Few days ago, he decided to visit his doctor. He recommended him to use some remedy to help its shrinking. I wonder if that is possible without surgery. Can you tell me more about shrinking hemorrhoids, and how long does it take?

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3 months after haemorrhoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I noticed that not many people post how they are several months after haemorrhoidectomy, so I thought I would post my experience now it's 3 months after. Even though I've had complications, hopefully this will offer some hope. I'm 25 and have had haemmorhoids for about 10 years I think. I had my...

by User avatar Chrislondon116841

severe pain after banding (internal hemorrhoids), my anus is very tight and swollen

Hi i am suffering from Hemorrhoids ( internal ) and my doctor advised me to undergo the banding treatment. The Treatment started yesterday and the pain was so SEVERE that i begin to shiver. The doctor advised me to take Voveran for 3 days . But my problem is that the pain has not yet gone away !!!!...

by User avatar upstream oncology