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Post Hemorrhoidectomy Healing, I had some blood when passing a stool

I have a question about hemorrdectomy's, I had one down about 5 weeks ago, and this morning when i passed a bowel movement, i had blood in it. And the day before i sat for like 6 hrs, and i actually felt a small amount of pain, but nothing really bad... so assumed nothing would be wrong. Well as...

by User avatar agile okra

small pimple in anus after piles surgery. is that a hemorrhoid again?

Hello i got hemo removed (hemo surgery) 25 days back and after 15 days of my surgery i noticed there is a small pimple in my anus. and its been 10 days i have notice that pimple, is that a hemorrhoid again?? that pimple has not shrink and its like that only. How much time does it...

by User avatar same backbone

post hemorrhoidectomy without BM

Answered by a doctor

I had a stapled hemorrhoidectomy 3 days ago..I feel the urge to have a BM but I am unable..I end up pushing hard. I am taking stool softners. Any suggestions?

by User avatar Lilia11602

Hemorrhoid Surgery - Still itching, cactus-like burning / tingling

Answered by a doctor

Hello all,   I did a lot of reading the past few weeks about hemorrhoid surgery and I saw nothing in too much detail about what I am experiencing.  Let me start by giving you a quick background:   I am a 25 year old male who had hemorrhoidectomy done 4 weeks ago to remove...

by User avatar Neverending187935

how much a hemoroid surgery cost?

Answered by a doctor

Can anyone tell me how much it cost to have a hemoroid surgery in general?

by User avatar Guest

Hemorrhoidectomy. Worst best thing I have ever done. Horrible pain and spasms in anus

Hemorrhoidectomy performed on Monday at 10:00am. First half day was easy as the local They gave me did not wear off wear off yet. Since then I have been in pain. I am getting horrible spasms in my anus that come on every few seconds for hours. As I type this I am on a record spasm sessions 5 hours....

by User avatar Neil365991

I have had soft bowel movements after hemorrhoid removal but the tampon has not come out

I had surgery to remove internal hemorrhoids 8 days ago.   The surgeon told me she placed what is similar to a tampon inside to control bleeding. I have been following all advice, warm baths throughout the day, taking stool softeners, etc.   I have had soft bowel movements but the tampon...

by User avatar rarest committee

Hemorrhoid Cure without surgery

Answered by a doctor

It is now two years since I posted this message and my severe hemorrhoids are 90% improved and no longer prolapsed. I probably had stage 3-4 hemorrhoids. I would never consider surgery when a procedure is available that can cure most hemorrhoids almost 90% of the time within a 2 week period...

by User avatar martinv134040

Laser Surgery for Internal Piles and a little pain after bowel moment

Hi,   I gone through this laser procedure for piles it was on 8 Nov 17. There was no pain and no blood loss. Now after 5 days I get little bit of pain after BM. Just want to fully recover ASAP, and having finger crossed for them not to come again.

by User avatar Mehmood

Hemorrhoid Surgery and PAIN

Answered by a doctor

Just thought I'd share my history of Hemorrhoids with you as I love any chance to talk about them! I'm a 33 year old male, healthy enough and have sufferred from hemorrhoids for the passed 10 years. I started getting them early on in my life thanks mostly to a poor diet and heriditary hemorroids...

by User avatar Guest