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by User avatar CONNY

having surgery on my upper airway

Hi, I am 57 years old and I would like to ask you about my incoming surgery, I am having surgery on my upper airway (tumor in the beginning phase) and I guess I would just like to know what happens after. I mean, how successful will the operation be, what are my next options, possible therapy and...

by User avatar brandyn43558258

size 6mm lung noduel

Could you, please, tell me about how big the size is of a 6mm lung nodule is? A CAT scan show I have one. Thanks for your help.

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Can pulmonary amyloidosis spread to other organs?

Hello, guys. My neighbor was recently diagnosed a pulmonary amyloidosis. As far as I know, it is really rare condition. I would like to know whether pulmonary amyloidosis can be spread to other organs as well. I would really appreciate your replies. I am not a medical expert, I think you should know...

by User avatar dagny33389

How is pulmonary amyloidosis treated?

Hello, folks. My friend was administrated to a clinic. Doctors want to run some tests. They suspect on pulmonary amyloidosis. I hear it is a rare disease and I would like to know something more. How is this disease treated? I would really appreciate all your efforts in replying me. Bye!

by User avatar jayme62456451

Why does pulmonary amyloidosis occurs?

Hello. I was hoping to find out something more here. The thing that interests me is pulmonary amyloidosis. I hear it is a rare condition. I would like to know something more. For example, why does it occur? I would be very thankful for all your replies. Thanks in advance. Bye!

by User avatar em61454674

things found in the lungs

Hi, I know that Goiters are thyroid related but why would a goiter form in the lung???

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How rare is pulmonary amyloidosis?

Howdy, guys. I have recently heard that my neighbor has a pulmonary amyloidosis. I haven't heard about this condition before and I would like to find out something more. For instance, how rare is it? Can anyone tell me anything about this? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks. Bye!

by User avatar travus133656453

What causes pulmonary amyloidosis?

Hello, folks. My friend was administrated to the hospital three days ago. Doctors suspect on pulmonary amyloidosis and want to be sure. I am not sure which symptoms he had. I would like to ask what causes this disease. I must admit that I don't know much about it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

by User avatar randell64856135

respiratory tract disorder and diseases

Dear Sir or Madam My wife and I have been told that we may have mold growing in the bedroom , there is a bad odor & taste in my throat that i cant seem to get rid of , we both are experincing shortness of breath ! My wife is a diabetic and asthmatic what should i do?

by User avatar Alwad2