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Could idiophatic pulmonary fibrosis be inherited?

Hello! My grandmother died of idiophatic pulmonary fibrosis. She lived only few months after this disease was diagnosed. She had never smoked cigarettes and didn’t even allow people to smoke when she was in the room. She always took good care of her health and we were in shock when her doctor...

by User avatar liza114161175

symptoms and cure for pluerisey

:cry:symptoms and cure for pluerisey

by User avatar susie

Helpful advice needed

Hello, my dad recently underwent suregry to one of his lungs. He had the tube removed after a couple of days and then his face and neck area bloated from what they said was air getting 'sucked' back in through the incision where the tube was! Now they say they will need to go back in and fix the...

by User avatar 23skidoo7259731

Mucus in lungs

Answered by a doctor

I have mucus in my lungs which turned out to be due bronchitis. I don’t smoke and I have had such problems before. I was wondering what can be cause of this? My symptoms were coughing spells accompanied by thick phlegm and breathlessness. Thanks.

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Obstructive breathing symptoms in J. Papillomatosis

Hello, folks. My classmate has been diagnosed with j. papillomatosis. All he experienced was breathing symptoms. I would like to know something more about those obstructive breathing symptoms in this condition. Can this be dangerous? I would really like to find out something more. It will mean a lot...

by User avatar bryn493199956

Atypical Fibrosis of the Lungs

Two years ago I had a CT scan of my chest and abdomen after delivering my first child prematurely and having night sweats over the following weeks and it revealed an area of atypical fibrosis in my lungs. My doctor said we should just keep an eye on it. I am now pregnant again and have developed a...

by User avatar Inneedofanswers98761

Burning in left side

My husband has a daily sometimes painful burning in his left side under rib cage,it sometime travels toward the front What could this be?? He had a MRI last week and Doc really couldn't find anything?? Can you help

by User avatar mcleod120676

blocked arteries and water in lungs.

Can someone tell me are the blocked arteries and water in the lungs sure sign of heart failure or it can be something else? How is heart failure diagnosed?

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Pulmonary fibrosis diagnosed in June.

hi my mum was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in june which was then moderate in aug it had went to severe, she is on oxygen full time and nebuliser 4 times a day although on oxygen she is till very breathless recently she started to cough up blood, her bladder function is failint too. can anyone...

by User avatar twostroke123801

Nodule in Lung

My husband had lung X ray which shown nodule. Now his doc ordered biopsy to see whether is benign or malignant. Has anyone here already been in such situation and did such biopsy? Or perhaps someone who knows how this procedure work. I’ll appreciate any help.

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