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Lung Nodule

hi my step daughter was diagnoised with Lung Nodule they did a ct scan and and said its only one and to wait 6 months for futher testing why so lond she is 18 dont smoke but she is over weight what could have caused it at such a young age and a non smoker i think. well can you email me with some...

by User avatar nakia

Infected throat & thick mucus from thorasic cavity

Answered by a doctor

hi, I am 30yr old male, quit smoking 2months ago after smoking nearly for a decade. My rear end of my tongue & throat are having inflammatory red boils which are sensitive to almost any smoke & dust. I sometimes get severe body ache, eye inflammation & throat hoarseness n pain. I tried...

by User avatar tantragna32356

Recurring chest infections, could there be an underlying problem;

Hi, I've had recurring chest infections for the past 3 years. I therefore get it atleast 4 times a year. Latley it seems to have got worse as I had it at the beginning of December 2006. I was given a course of Amoxicillin and it seemed to reduce the cough, however I have just got it again and am...

by User avatar Guest

Re: Worrying of my health based on my pos. xray result

To whom It may Concern,Good day! I have my xray result last few weeks ago, and the findings was as follows:Right basal-outer lung nodulocalcification noted.Rest of the lung are clear.Heart, costophrenic sulci and other osseous structures are intact.IMPRESSION:RIGHT BASAL LUNG GRANULOMAIn connection...

by User avatar lhen245834

Chest pain, could it be pluerisy?

Answered by a doctor

hi im new to this but I just would like some help. Ive been having chest and shoulder pains for almost 2 weeks now. I went to the emergency room for it and they took a EKG and Chest xrays and couldnt decide would could be bothering me. The pain still continues on and off throughout the day but it...

by User avatar Estone322054

post testicular CA now granuloma detected on lung

What can this be or develope into::: oncologist says not to worry lesion is 11mm(not grown in last 3 months)

by User avatar diagnosis granuloma

Parralized diaphram, need help

I recently had surgery and after that i developed breathing problems resprted it and of course was told it should go away!! Now months later Iam told I have a parralized diaphram??? I read that are many people who experienced this weird sistuation. But they don't know how to fix it??? I need more...

by User avatar mooserus136489

Lung Fusion

I’ve heard that lung fusion is new diagnostic test for lung cancer. The fact is that one year ago I had lung cancer resection and recently I’ve heard of lung fusion and now I’d like to hear some info about lung fusion for I’d like to take some extra cares in sense of better diagnosis...

by User avatar Guest

What to expect after lung volume reduction surgery?

Hello! My father is currently participating in six weeks pulmonary rehabilitation program before his lung reduction volume surgery. Since he suffers from severe emphysema this surgery is his only option to improve his condition. I know that part of his lungs will be removed during the procedure...

by User avatar ginevra40538

Could someone tell me more about lung volume reduction surgery?

Hello! My mother suffers from severe emphysema. Her condition is getting worse and her doctor said we should consider lung volume reduction surgery. I heard many different stories and I also heard that this surgery is more dangerous then a heart surgery. My neighbor told me it bears many risks. I...

by User avatar ollie45453450