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Could someone tell me more about lung volume reduction surgery?

Hello! My mother suffers from severe emphysema. Her condition is getting worse and her doctor said we should consider lung volume reduction surgery. I heard many different stories and I also heard that this surgery is more dangerous then a heart surgery. My neighbor told me it bears many risks. I...

by User avatar ollie45453450

long term complications from sulfuric chemical pneumonitis

I was exposed to a high concentration of sulfuric acid mist in Oct. 1998.The treating lung specialist said I may have long term problems from it and had scarring that was nearly invisible on x-ray at the time. However, he wrote on the medical report to worker's comp. that it was acute and had...

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Is there a cure for anthracosis?

I need some help with my grandfather’s health problem. He has been diagnosed with anthracosis, it seems that he got it because of the decades he spent working as a mining engineer (he was on the locations most of the time). Is there a cure for this problem? Will he be ok?

by User avatar avrom81984340

Why is lung volume reduction surgery performed?

Hello! My father has been having problems with breathing for years. He used to smoke more then thirty cigarettes daily and didn’t want to listen to anyone who tried to explain how harmful this was. His health became seriously endangered in the last two years and he wasn’t able to perform...

by User avatar tiena96353452

Could it beIs Coccidiomycosis serious condition?

Hi. I'm 45 year old male and about two months ago I started to feel symptoms that lasted till now. First I started to experience night sweats and weight loss. I dint know what could cause this but I didn’t pay too much attention on it. All this was accompanied with strong cough, chest pain and...

by User avatar bloemker1599

what is cure for pluricy

what is cure for pluricy? teresa

by User avatar owen_b_williams@bellsouth

old granulomatous disease

recent chest x-ray results says "findings consistent with old granulomatous disease" AND "no radiographic evidence of disease". can only find explanations of "Chronic granulomatous disease" on the internet and I am a perfectly healthy 48 year old woman. also, PPD for...

by User avatar Ani

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Hi. I used to be a heavy smoker, but I quit when some bad signs have started to appear. Shortness of breath, dry cough, fatigue, loss of appetite... Went to see my doc and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. He said that there is no effective treatment. Is that really so?

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Chest pain right in the centre

Answered by a doctor

Hey guys today i was at the gym and randomly got this pain im the center of my chest. When i lift something breathe deep or stretch it hurts.. Wat do i do someone plz help ?

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