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sleep apnia and stomack pain

i am suffering from sleep apnia and when i try to sleep i am awoke gasping and stomach pain just in middle of chest between bottom of rib cage..anyone no what this is?

by User avatar travis

Should I be treated with talc pleurodesis?

Hello. I’m 15 years old and I’m living with my parents and my sister. Few days ago my sister complained about breathing difficulties but my parents thought it was usual allergy on pollen or something similar and didn’t pay too much attention on it. But my sister’s symptoms only get worse....

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Can a person die of lung endometriosis?

Hello! My friend suffers from infertility and she has been recently discovered endometriosis. She didn’t have any symptoms except minor low back and pelvic pain from time to time. She is still not certain what to do. While we were discussing her condition she told me that endometriosis can...

by User avatar bibbie42098

What is Bilateral Parabronchial?

What is Bilateral Parabronchial.

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I was wondering how to know wether or not somone has pluerisy b/c my I am almost positive that my boyfriend has developed pnemonia due to the viral infection that we recently had. Also he does not have insurance and probably won't go to the dr :'(

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water in the lungs

I had a mri for my back and they found fluid in the lungs. I am pretty healthy and have had no real problems. I do have mitro valve prolapse and was wondering what you think could be the matter. I have no other symptoms so what could this mean. Could it be something from the mri the dr thinks...

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Comments and reviews on article "Clean Air for a Better Respiratory System"

Users comments and reviews on article Clean Air for a Better Respiratory System by Robert Rister

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Absent lung in acrofacial dysostosis, Rodriguez type?

Are there any people at all who have any kind of personal experience with acrofacial dysostosis, Rodriguez type? My cousin's baby was just diagnosed with this, and there is an absent lung. I understand that this is going to cause a lot of complications in the long run! If anyone knows more - knows...

by User avatar ardith785176965

spontaneous pnuemo thorax

I`m 42 and I`ve been working for a chemical company for almost 4 years. Recently I`ve started to feel generally ill – fatigue, shortness of my breath and the pain. I can`t catch my breath. After seeing a doctor I was diagnosed with spontaneous pneume thorax. Few months have passed but I still...

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what is atelectasis in the lingula

what is atelectasis in the lingula

by User avatar kdad205