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what is atelectasis in the lingula

what is atelectasis in the lingula

by User avatar kdad205

idiopathic pulmanory fibrosis

Is idiopathic pulmanory fibrosis hereditary?

by User avatar Christy

Is surgery necessary with collapsed lung?

I have been having problem with collapsed lung for some time now and I think that moment of surgery is getting closer and closer. But I would like to know if that surgery is really necessary? Perhaps there is some other way of dealing with this problem? Do you know of any?

by User avatar bea180060299

How to treat collapsed lung?

Can you tell me what would be the best way to deal with collapsed lung? I have been treating it with a chest tube, but it keeps happening again and again and I am actually sick and tired of constantly going to hospital. What about operation? Will that help? I have to believe there is a better...

by User avatar horten49524

Can collapsed lung be operated?

I would like to know a bit more about collapsed lung. Can it be operated? I have already been in the chest tube couple of years ago and it seemed like everything was fine, but then the pain and discomfort came back again. I know what needs to be done, but honestly I am not thrilled with the...

by User avatar waiter132460300

Is lung biopsy necessary when diagnosing wegener's granulomatosis?

I’m desperate. My wife is ill need doctor think that maybe she has very strange disease that called wegener's granulomatosis? Now she needs to do some blood tests and doctor said that he want to do lung biopsy. Is lung biopsy necessary when diagnosing wegener's granulomatosis? Anybody with...

by User avatar chrotoem42952

Castor Oil - The Ultimate Remedy for Mucous in Lungs

All those suffering from mucous in lungs or any part of the body. Please read my testimonial over here and be sure that you have come to the end of all your lung diseases. Please email me at _[removed]_ for any queries Thanks Alvin

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pluracy treatment

Can you please tell me something about the pleuracy treatment? Thank you

by User avatar Guest

My wife was recently diagnosed to have bronchiectasis

Answered by a doctor

Dear Sir/Madam, I am so glad I had discovered your website. My wife is 36 years old and she was recently diagnosed to have bronchiectasis. I have read a lot o materials in the internet about this matter, could you please give us a clearer situation of this kind of disease. Thanks and regards,...

by User avatar CHROMMEL

queries about pluracy

dear sir, my son is attacked with pluracy since past two months ago. is it a cureable diecease. Can it last long if so how much days it take

by User avatar sanjoy3515