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What is that strange shaped object in my stool?

Answered by a doctor

First of all....I'm not having any pain and have 1-2 movements per day. I've laid off the cheese lately so my movements are easier. My stools do not have any blood or any mucous. However, today and a few times in the past I observed some "garlic clove" looking pieces in my stool. I...

by User avatar droyale7768220

Does anyone experience mucus in stool, stomach cramps and blood on toilet paper while on Adderall

Mucus in stool w adderall? Stomach cramps? Occasional blood on toilet paper? Anyone?

by User avatar Guest

Does anyone else have anal leakage after each bowel movement?

Does anyone else have anal leakage after each bowel movement?

by User avatar GaryB

Bad gas pressure, belching, bloating w/in minutes of eating.

Answered by a doctor

If anyone has any comments of suggestions I can take to doctors visit I would GREATLY appreciate it :-) OK...he we go. For about two or three months now (that i can remember) I have had some stomach issues. It started as a month stint of diarreah and stomach flu that I assumed was some sort of...

by User avatar SickIn Ohio

My stomach is bloated

Answered by a doctor

Hello there, Please help, my stomach Is always bloated no matter what I do I have tried changing my diet and drinking plenty of water. The bloating is more at the lower part of my stomach. Please let me know what can I do or take to stop the bloating?

by User avatar Guest

Strange spongy white object in stool - part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Strange spongy white object in stool thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Post whipple surgery gas

I had my whipple surgery in August 2011. There was a precancerous polop near my pancreas duct. I now have huge gas build up and I'm trying to find a solution. When I go to bed at 11pm I wake up at 1am, 3am, and 6am to go to the bathroom to have a bowl movement and get ried of that painful gas....

by User avatar Mike janko221108

clear jelly like bowel movement

Answered by a doctor

I passed gas and a clear jelly like substance came out of my anus. Do you have any information on clear bowel movements? It was a substantial amount to concern me.

by User avatar kirklandru

Annual leakage after each bowel movement, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis

I have been experiencing annual leakage for 17 years. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and had 13 inches of colon removed. I continue to have annual leakage after each bowel movement. I have had one colonoscopy and nothing was found to be out of the ordinary. I am due for another colonoscopy this...

by User avatar GaryB

Stomach gurgles and churns all the time

My stomach gurgles and churns all the time. It doesn't matter if I have eaten or have an empty stomach. I have not yet seen my doctor about this, but have never been diagnosed with any stomach/intestinal disorders. My BM's are usually solid, but every so often I will have diahrea (e.g.,...

by User avatar paulb