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Frequent bloody bowel movements, I am also having dull pain in the right side of my ribs

I've been kinda worried recently about my health recently... I have been having bowel movements that are soft and painless, but there is quite a bit of blood in the toilet bowl and bright red blood on the toilet paper. Afterwards I get this odd localized, dull pain in the right side of my ribs down...

by User avatar JustCurious123362471

Daily Diarrhea, Sweats & Gas about 8-10 hours after eating

Since July of 2015, I've been dealing with almost daily episodes of diarrhea, sweats, and gas that wake me between 3 and 5am.  Afterwards, I have chills for hours. The only time I don't have this problem is when I'm on a round of antibiotics (but it returns shortly after I finish...

by User avatar adirolf

anal pressure, but it doesn't hurt, it feels like going to have a bowel movement, but not

feels like going to have a bowel movement,but then its on gas,,what causes this

by User avatar Guest

what can I do to stop bleeding out of my ass?

Ok I read a lot of different people problems with bleeding out there asshole. But not one did I read say that they bleed like a bitch and the rag. Well I do. But it's not all the time it comes and goes. But like some else said I don't have the money to pay for what ever is wrong with me. I'm just...

by User avatar Walter Santizo

popping sounds in my stomach and butt area and that is making me very uncomfortable

this pst week i’ve noticed i’ve been having popping sounds in my stomach and butt area. no idea what it was so i’ve been searching the internet to find anyone that can relate and try to find a way to stop it. in class i get so embarrassed and can’t pay attention and ofcourse it happens in...

by User avatar Guest

Constant gas and explosive bowel movement after I eat

I have not been diagnosed but this is exactly what I recently started going through. I am 45 years old, mill and have never had such severe gas....constant flatulence and explosive bowel movements after I eat. It's very embarrassing and inconvenient.  I'm glad I'm not the only one.

by User avatar Guest

rectal growling and digestion problems. I'm trying to eat healthy as much as I can

I’ve been going through this problem since 2016 until now. i think it started in 2014 but it occasionally happened and i don’t think it happened in 2015 since i remember it being a good year. Last year was mean it happened more frequently and very loudly. i get these growling/rumbling...

by User avatar Aaliyah

Dark blood in stools 18 years old. I don't have any history of colon cancer

I am an 18-year-old male and been having blood in my stools for the past year, sometimes the stool is dark/black only ever noticed after eating dairy and I have been feeling a sausage like lump in my lower left abdomen that comes and goes (possibly a hernia?) I have no family history of colon cancer...

by User avatar Guest

bowel inflammation is ruining my life, it is causing muscle twitching and burning skin sensation

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 60 year old man. I had a number of family stresses, big ones. Then I took tramadol for tooth pain. The next day, I had sickly baby poop. I started getting burning in my feet, muscle twitches. It seemed like I couldn't digest many foods. All this lead to panic and depression. I take doxepin and...

by User avatar Ruined

I feel a lump in my butt hole and it hurts when I touch it. I've been having diarrhea lately

I noticed when I went to the bathroom I feel a lump in my butt hole it hurts when I touch it. I been having diarrhea lately i had anal sex last week is there any answers u can give me please 

by User avatar Keisha