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bowel inflammation is ruining my life, it is causing muscle twitching and burning skin sensation

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 60 year old man. I had a number of family stresses, big ones. Then I took tramadol for tooth pain. The next day, I had sickly baby poop. I started getting burning in my feet, muscle twitches. It seemed like I couldn't digest many foods. All this lead to panic and depression. I take doxepin and...

by User avatar Ruined

I feel a lump in my butt hole and it hurts when I touch it. I've been having diarrhea lately

I noticed when I went to the bathroom I feel a lump in my butt hole it hurts when I touch it. I been having diarrhea lately i had anal sex last week is there any answers u can give me please 

by User avatar Keisha

i'm 17 and bleed when i wipe after having a bowel movement (male)

Hello im aaron and i tend to bleed every now and then when i wipe,  around a year or so ago i visited my dr and was tested and was also told it was just a small cut, time passed and it kept bleeding, I did have some bad constipation for a week or two, but it has all passed now, but i still...

by User avatar Aaron

Liquid coming out of anus, I am on medicine which has constipation as a side effect

Answered by a doctor

Alright, I’m very embarrassed about this. I’m going to try the entire story short, but that may be hard. I am a 17 year old male by the way. It started when I was 15. I was being an idiot and I stuck my fingers up my butt. I did it because I was so constipated that I couldn’t bear it...

by User avatar Guest

Uncomfortable moving/leaking feeling in rectal/anus area?

For the past year i have been feeling this uncomfortable feeling of something moving down/leaking down inside my anus, and pain all around my lower back, my bum and legs feeling sore, i rush to the restroom but nothing on my underwear, its all internal feeling, i have had a colonoscopy in feb...

by User avatar Maryhoops123

Does perked coffee affect anal discharge?

Answered by a doctor

I drink quite a lot of perked coffee beginning at breakfast and at various times during the day, often after an early morning bowel movement and at meals also. For the last while, I am bothered by an anal discharge of a brownish fluid that has appeared in the anal opening made apparent at wiping....

by User avatar Coffee lover.

Whenever I go to poop a lot of anal clear fluid comes out

Answered by a doctor

Whenever I go to poop a LOT of this clear fluid comes out. When I wipe my butt most of what comes off is that fluid. It never happens unless I'm actually pooping though? I was wondering if anyone knew what was happening.  

by User avatar Guest

pain in my anus and stomach

Answered by a doctor

I have these pains in my stomach and my anus like a stitch and its a sharp quick pain pls help me

by User avatar shanica

Pain 10 years after appendix surgery in the same spot I needed to operate. The pain is not bearable

Answered by a doctor

Hi my name is Hera i am 27 years old, i had my appendix surgery when i was about 17 years, now after 10 years i started feeling pain in the same abdomen where i felt the pain of appendix previously. The pain is not bearable and left me into tears. Can anyone please help me in this regard

by User avatar Hera

does it cause cancer when you put your finger to remove stool?

I had put my finger to remove stool does it causes cancer

by User avatar bbin