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"Fuzzy" Yellowish Stool

Answered by a doctor

Hi, Recently, I've been experiencing "fuzzy" yellowish stool.  It's not completely yellow; it's just a brighter brown.  Basically, the stool has a fuzzy and jagged exterior, but I don't feel any pain as I'm having a bowel movement.  Also, recently when I pass gas, a couple seconds after, I feel...

by User avatar somebody123

swelling in stomach

I had hernia surgery last year and I have had severe swelling in my stomach since then.It really looks like I am 9 months pregnent.I am not though.

by User avatar Guest

What is wrong with me?

A couple of months ago I weighed 139 lbs. I went to the doc for ear pain & acid reflux. I have also seen an ENT. I was treated with amoxicillin for the ear ache & am still on Omerprazole for the GERD. Then I got diarrhea. I have never seen anything that looks like this before. I have a...

by User avatar Banta156344

Black tarry stools. started yesterday 11/20

I have been taking approx. 9 Excedrin Acetaminophen tablets a day (3) tablets, (3) times aday. I did not follow instructions to take a full glass of water with each dose. I also took Excedrin for headaches during this time. I have had a severe back pain for the past ttwo plus weeks. This is from and...

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painless abdominal mass

Answered by a doctor

I have been looking but can't find anything on this. I am a very overweight male, age 54. About 5 months ago I found a hard mass under my skin (maybe muscle layer) just below my rib cage and a few inches above my belly button. It started about the size of a large walnut when I discovered it and has...

by User avatar Guest