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Constipation but unlikely to be IBS? I’ve had no abdominal pain/cramps, no bloody stools, no nausea

Hello all, this is something I’d like to see if anyone has gone through or knows about. This is kind of a last-resort after going through many, many internet searches. It’s been around 6 months that I’ve had constipation and it was around the 2-month mark when I started being...

by User avatar Guest

Appendectomy pain, sitting up and walking to the bathroom makes me scream/cry

I had my appendix removed yesterday and I’m in a world of pain I know it’s meant to hurt after surgery but this is excruciating pain sitting up and walking to the bathroom makes me scream/cry because it’s that painful I’m also having tight chest pains and it feels like my throat is slowly...

by User avatar Jords123366981

Stomach gurgle but can't go to toilet

Hi for days now I have a a gurgling stomach but can't go to the toilet. I increased my fluid intake but no luck. I cut back on coffee from 5 cups to one. I also have some abdominal pain.

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Green liquid with brownish spots leaking from anus

im 16 and i’ve had anal itching for about 3-4 weeks. today i just noticed i have green liquid with brownish spots in it. i’ve never been diagnosed with anything. always been healthy. i’m not taking any medication or doing any prescription drugs. can someone help figure it out, i don’t really...

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Having diarrhea every time after eating. I had my gallbladder removed over 5 years ago

I have no gallbladder, taken out over 5years ago. Still have to poop everytime I eat, immediately after sometimes during. I am so sick of this. What can I do? I'm not lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant. I have tried everything.

by User avatar favored kleenex

Painful bowel movements. For a year now I have pain before, during and after bowel movement.

For a year now I have Pain before, during and minutes after every bowel movement. Should I tell my doc? How will they figure out what is wrong?

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Bleeding from the bowel after binge drinking

I bleed really bad and have serious lower stomach pain is this cancer 

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when can you eat when using a fleets enema before anal sex?

when can you eat when using a fleets enema before anal sex

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capsule like floater in my BM, one is orange and another one is white

I have the capsule like floater in ny BM. One orange and one white/tan both about a month apart. Both have a white interior similar to cottage cheese. Also, both were expelled with a watery BM. I take Metformin does anyone else here. I’d read where this med might be an answer for “some.” I...

by User avatar Zd48366438

Blood in my stool ever since Colostomy reversal. I also have breast cancer and had chemo

Hello, I had a colostomy reversal on 6-14-2018, about 2 1/2 weeks ago and since I have had blood in my stools. My surgeon doesn’t seem to concerned but I am ! I also have breast cancer and had chemo, which contributed to my perforated bowel. Hence the colostomy bag and now reversal. Has anyone...

by User avatar practic ellipse