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I want something that will cleanse me of all or mostly all stool

I feel like when I have a bowel movement that my bowels aren't completely empty. I want something that will cleanse me of all or mostly all stool. 

by User avatar longing agent

any info about clay colored stool?

Can anybody tell me about clay colored stools

by User avatar Guest

Urge to poop followed sometimes with peeing, I am not feeling any pain in my bowel

i have the urge to poop followed sometimes by the urge to pee... im currently not feeling any pain in my bowel and i can also pass gas(fart) sometimes. Im getting kinda uncomfortable because whenever i poop i still have that feeling that i need to poo and sometimes i have the urge to...

by User avatar tan dig

Jelly poo are showing when your body isn't getting enough nutrients from your diet

Okay I'm not trying to be a weirdo but this is to do with stress yes I'm not sure about the booty thing but it's pressure and the urge to poop it's used as a lubricant to help make it easier to pass and it's due to not getting enough nutrients fiber and other things in your diet this is what I've...

by User avatar Guest

I have painless bloody stool. What may be the reason behind it?

Sir/mam from 2 days I have seen blood in my stool?which is painless.what may be the reason dor it?is it normal??  

by User avatar Guest

very unusual gastrointestinal symptoms. possible vestibular syndrome?

Hello, I am 30 years old: male, height 178, weight 80. In 2007 I started studying in China and in 2012 I had to finish university. In March 2012, one evening I went to have a beer with friends. That evening I drank somewhere 3 to 4 bottles of beer. Those friends had offered me some drugs which used...

by User avatar Bill

Foods to eat after Resection Colon Surgery

Hello, my husband is having surgery on 5/25/2018.  This is an unplanned surgery! I am overwhelmed!!!  I am looking for a menus for what he can eat afterwards.  What types of foods, what to avoid any information for recovery. Thanks you Barb

by User avatar NeedHelp

how long does constipation usually last

how long does constipation usually last

by User avatar HealthPromblems111364260

Blood tinged fibers coming out 1 month after Colonectomy

one month ago i had 1ft. removed from intestion. The last week i have been nauseated,tons of gas and having blood tinged small amounts of stringy clear stuff coming out. Is this normal ?

by User avatar Max

anus leaking and smelling a lot. I was constipated for a while so I took laxatives

Since about a Year Now , My Ass Has Been Leaking. And Smells, It Started One Night, I have very bad problems going to the bathroom “ constipated” So One Night I Take Laxatives, The Philips liquid. Next Morning, I went diarrhea About t 3 times that day, At The end of that day. I felt my ass...

by User avatar AnZac4422364962