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How long does it take to be symptoms free after a diverticulitis attack?

How long does it take to being symptom-free after a diverticulitis attack?  Does a special diet have to be followed consisting of a liquid and then a low fiber diet for a number of weeks or a month?

by User avatar gabby

Blood after going to the bathroom, and still going.

I'm getting really scared now. A few days ago, I felt a lump when washing my anus in the shower, my mum and dad both said it was a hemorrhoid. By that night, it was starting to be a bit sore, and the next day I had to go to the bathroom, well passing the stool didn't hurt, But trying to wipe it,...

by User avatar Guest

How to have a BM after surgery? I've tried stool softeners, baths, miralax, etc

im on my fourth day and cannot have a BM i don’t want to push too much but it just feels stuck, as graphic as that might be. I can only manage to get blood to come out. I cannot get relief. I’ve tried stool softener, miralax, baths etc and cannot get rid of the sensation or urge to go and cannot...

by User avatar Guest

Bowel problems after hysterectomy and gallbladder removed

Answered by a doctor

In March I had a hysterectomy, in early June I had my gallbladder out. My bowel movements have not been normal since then. In October I started getting bad nausea and constipation. I have been on three different medications for constipation but nothing works. Everything I eat makes me nauseous....

by User avatar Cat

Lower belly bubbles near my uterus. Can it be flatulence?

No I’m not pregnant I’ve taken 3 tests they all say negative. But I keep getting this bubble popping sensation in my lower belly near where my uterus would be. Could it be  flatulence  ? I am constipated also. Could this all be linked ?

by User avatar Guest

I don't ever see blood in my stool only when i have the gas with the mucous

I noticed there are several post on here about the complaint of the pressure and not having any relief, I  myself have been experiencing the same problem for about 7-8 months now, I did have some pretty intense surgery in January of 2017 on my back, I had scoliosis and had to have rods and...

by User avatar Cpht1

What am I passing from my anus? I had parasites a month ago and today I passed some red thing

I had parasites about a month ago I had treatment and no more parasites.  When I had the parasites sometimes, not often I would pass a small  red triangle  some thing.  No parasites for two months but an occasional tickle in my anus.  This morning I passed one  of those...

by User avatar Guest

Anyone else had colostomy done twice? I don't want to do a colostomy reversal

Had colostomy reversal might have to get colostomy again. I don't want to. Might get second opinion. Any one else have this done twice?

by User avatar Mattydawn363407

Rubbery clearish plastic like pieces found in stool

Hi , I passed a bowel movement earlier and noticed what looked like little pieces of clearish plastic in my stool. They were about an inch long and about a centimeter wide. I picked them out to feel the texture, and it was a hard rubbery texture, like that of hardened glue from a glue gun. What...

by User avatar Guest

Severe bowel movements and diarrhea

I'm a 33 year old male with IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, and have had Antibiotic induced C-Diff. Everything has been in remission for about 6-7 years. I recently started having painful bowel movements and watery dark green diarrhea. I'm on the fourth day and it's still the same. About every 10-15...

by User avatar Thinner