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Bowel problem? Sometimes I feel cramps when sitting down and that always end up with diarrhea

Hi could anyone help me with my case. Sometimes i'll be sitting down and everything fine for a few mintues and then I start getting these cramps but I'm always not on my period its like near the end of my stomach and I start feeling sick and tensed and so it always end up with me in the toilet...

by User avatar Chloeeee

Nutrients absorption after colon removal?

after colon removal, how can a person get the body to absorb nutrients?

by User avatar Guest

how can a polyp in the gallbladder be thrown out naturally?

Answered by a doctor

hello can a 7mm polyp in the gallblader can be expulsed naturally

by User avatar Guest

I have an acute cystitis, amoeba/watery poop, and at the same time an ulcer. Is omeprazole good?

I have an acute cystitis, amoeba/watery popo, at the same time an ulcer. This three makes my day so down. My doctor prescribe me an Omeprazole since the first prescription for my antibacterial reacts my ulcer badly. .  Would somebody can tell me if this omeprazole is still good for...

by User avatar tin

Diarrhea accompanied with belching a foul taste and foul odor

What could those symptoms be a sign of and could it be serious

by User avatar Guest

do human anus always contains mucus?

Hey, I have a question. do human anus always contains mucus? after bowel movement i wash is by water and middle finger. when i wash 0.5 inch inside its nothing. but some time i constipated and when i wash 2 inch inside there is always mucus coming out each time my finger come out there is some...

by User avatar Guest

what is the actual size and the length of the rectum?

Please doctor what is the actual size and the length of the rectrum, i was moved to having sex with a 2 inch item and after that he felt some unusual pain. Pleases help me. Can it tear the rectrum? Thanks for help.

by User avatar Kwadwo k363213

What over the counter medicine I can take for an Irritable bowel syndrome?

Is there any over the counter med I can take

by User avatar Phillip

what could cause yellow beans in my excrement?

I see what looks like yellow beans in my excrement

by User avatar Nutmegger363097

Stomach pain and BM issue. Doctor said it is acid reflux, but it seems that this is anxiety disorder

Answered by a doctor

I am surprised to see so many people having similar symptoms I'm 29 and have been having this happen off and on for about a year now my doctor was originally trying to tell me it was acid reflux disease but going to the hospital a few times they leaned more towards it being is and general anxiety...

by User avatar Nick