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Weird smell and watery feeling around my anus

I have had this problem for a while now, .made me get social anxiety since i dont rly wanna deal with people with this thing. so my problem is. the problem gets worse when im around people so anxiety does affect my condition. It's like a weird watery feeling around my anus. like i feel like its...

by User avatar Guest

Bowel surgery because meckel's diverticulitis and foot of intestine removed, having diarrhea now

I nearly died due to mekels diverticulitis half a year ago and had bowl surgery and 12 inches of intestine removed and to this day I’m suffering with constant diarroea which is taking an affect on my colon and have nt had a solid passing in 6 months has anyone been on the same boat and have...

by User avatar Guest

getting aches in my lower abdomen and waist high area as though I have trapped wind or pulled muscle

I have been to see my GP with feeling unwell and getting aches in my lower abdomen and waist high area as though I have trapped wind or pulled a muscle. I have no diarrhea, but my poo sometimes is hard to pass. I want to ask if anyone has been diagnosed with Diverticulitis or Colitis.. which he...

by User avatar Polly333

How naive of me not to research post-op. my band fall off after colonoscopy

Completely new to this, stumbled across forum while researching “band falling off after colonoscopy.” In case it isn’t obvious, I had an endoscopy / colonoscopy procedure with “banding,” today (1.18.18) at 2pm.  Fortunately I was put under for the procedure, so I did not feel a thing...

by User avatar Guest

Problems with pooping. It takes a lot of time for me to do that and when I wipe, I can see the blood

So... I have a problem with my poop. A few days ago, I had to go. But it took a long time for me to get it out. It didn't hurt while I was doing it, but it did right after. Today, I had to go again. It wasn't hard to, but it hurt the whole time. After wiping, (both today and the last time) there was...

by User avatar Anastasia362909

Rectal odor and a greasy mucus when I poop

As of recent when I poop I have mucus and when I wipe it feels greasy and after it feels like my underwire is wet and cold and has an odor. Any ideas?

by User avatar Barb2413

What does it mean when you pass bowel movements but it feels like I’m passing razor blades

Can anyone help? What does it mean, when you pass bowel movements but it feels like I’m passing razor blades, my stool could be soft or hard but no matter what it continues to feel like I’m passing razor blades? Can anyone help with an idea on what’s going on?

by User avatar Kris

Ton of poo, but I lose very much of soft waste which is not diarrhea

Why do I lose some much soft waste every bowel,soft but not diarrhea soft. So so painful,just went and I swear it was like 5 pounds,it almost fills to half of toilet. Not to be funny because I don't feel funny right now, if I were to go outside and go on the ground it would look like a cow patty....

by User avatar Shelly

The best diet and when can you exercise after having colon resection?

Hello every one I had a rectopexy/resection on Nov 6th of this year where they had to take out 22 inches of colon.  I have been staying on the low residue diet.  I also had hip reconstruction surgery on July 13 of this year. My question is when do you start reg food and exercise. ...

by User avatar Lisa

Bloody Stool...cause from alcohol?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 36 and drink probably 5 nights a week. Last night I tapped into a bottle of vodka that we had lost the cork for and had been sitting for about 3 weeks. The brand was a higher quality so i figured it was ok to drink it. I had probably 4-5 shots mixed with fruit juice. I woke up and went to the...

by User avatar fastco031186404