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bowel movements that make me almost pass out because of pain

Answered by a doctor

for years now, I have been dealing with this. When I over eat, I get a pain in my intestines that is so severe that I almost pass out on the toilet. I get very hot and sweat so much that I have to take off my clothes and dump water on my head to cool down. The severe pain doesnt go away until I...

by User avatar stan lee

Pain in stomach and burping rotten egg smell plus diarrhea

I've had a pain in my stomach and sulfur and diarrhoea for several weeks been to my doctor and got medication but the pain has got worse so I headed to A&E today they done bloods but all came back normal apart from my liver is a Bit high Dr never done a ultrasound or scan they sent me home plain...

by User avatar Djgibbzirlofficial

Stomach and Intestinal Problems, can't figure out whats wrong, can really use help

Answered by a doctor

I have been having stomach and intestinal problems since Aug of 07 and myself and my doctors cannot figure out the problem. After losing 30lbs in just six weeks I had an upper and lower GI test done and results came back good. What it is is that no matter what i eat my stomach gets a little upset...

by User avatar joey999966582

How often can you use a Glycerin Suppository?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 45 years old and I am having problems with constipation. Sometimes I do not defecate for 6 days and I think this is caused by my meds that I use for high blood pressure. A friend recommended me to try with glycerin suppository, but it did not work. How often can you use a glycerin...

by User avatar Guest

Very tensed because of white bumps in anus, i am 19 and virgin

Answered by a doctor

I have posted this before too but no answer... Please help me i'm just 19 and never ever had sex, my whole downside area itches like hell, it bleeds a lil not like dripping , its like a dot of light color of blood on toilet paper and this happens when i scratch ruthlessly but i cant control that...

by User avatar Guest

Problem with stomach, loss of appetite, yellow stools

Answered by a doctor

For the past four days, something has been wrong with my appetite, stomach, intestines, or something. I have no idea. But all of a sudden, one day I was hungry, but when i tried to eat something, I would lose my appetite. Kind of sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but it's the only way I can...

by User avatar gmb77747538

Rectal bleeding every time I pass a hard stool and it is happening for 2 years now

occasional Re Rectal bleeding during defeacation of short 2year duration. The bleeding is actually triggered by passing of hard stool and is associated with pains with present of non - cericumferetual mass from the Anus. Presently dealing with same condition

by User avatar Olly

Blood in Stool occasionally, finger method didn't find any mass in my rectum

I discover whenever i visit the toilet i passed out stool (poo) with blood which sometime comes and go. lastweek Friday stooling was difficult and strainously with pains, saw a Doctor an was examined, no mass found around my rectum wall using finger - method, until a little move upward that he...

by User avatar Guest

black balls in stool

I am pretty sure that I have an internal hemorroid. It started around a month ago. I looked it up online and tried exercising, eating more fiber, drinking more water, etc before calling my doctor. Since I couldn't make it to the hospital, she recommended preparation h. I used it for about a week and...

by User avatar guest

painful bowel movement during period

Answered by a doctor

it is ONLY during my period that i experience a sharp pain during a bowel movement. it can be when i am just gassy (passing gas) or on the toilet about to do a BM. i don't have this pain during any other time (not before or after my period) but only during my period. the pain is sharp, lasts...

by User avatar sunshine11