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Newbie. Just stopping here to say Hi!!

Hello; I stumbled on this site via Bing. I have some medical questions so I won't bore you with a bunch of information about me right here right now. If you have any questions, though, please feel free to ask. Thanks, D.R.

by User avatar Desert_Rose1137882

Hello I'm new

I am Recrut. I hope I welcome here... I am new to this... :-)

by User avatar Guest

Hey I'm new got a question for the moderator.

I want to post something and delete it once I get the information I want. Is it possible for me to do that, or will it be on here forever. Could i like request beforehand that it be deleted?

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thanks peeps :)

i just wanted to give out a big thanks to everybody that responded to my posts, i got a lot of questions answered and it was helpful... so thanks mostly to: ZekeZ, jeremiaz and njoynlife! thanks! haha i even have a nickname on here (2b) lmfao... yaay! :-P XD :-D 8-|

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looking for a member named jimhenderson2000? a medical student??

hello, i was reading a blog about smoking and coughing up black and wanted to ask you a question, i really, really need ur advice **edited by moderator**

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Hi : )

Hi I am ztech. A 24 year old from UK. Erm.. hoping to enjoy my time in this forum.

by User avatar ztech127859

Hello there this is my first time here..

I am Georgia, and while studying I also managing a holesale fashion store with my best friend, I'm looking for some good health information and I hope I will be more active here. =)) ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed

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I'm new.

Alright, I'm new and I just wanted to just kind of say a hello to everybody :)

by User avatar tiffany2011276121

Hi Friendz...I'm new here.

Hello Forum Members! I am rinky and this is my first forum entry here.. Since I am new to forum community and I feel I am in midst of my own learning curve. I feel sometimes, that I have to learn a lot, hope you guys have patient on me. Thanks for reading me and giving me your valuable time.

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American in Israel--that's me!

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I moved to Israel from Michigan last September. I decided to join because there is ALWAYS something wrong with me. :-D

by User avatar RachelElise147606