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Hello Friends

Hello friends, I am new member in this forum . My name is Harveyrose . I am from Uk. I was found this forum for last few months . I hope I will enjoy in this forum.

by User avatar harveyrose102291

Changes with Age

I am from Assam, India. My age is 77 years. My teeth are capped to the natural roots (both lower and upper). I had my cataract (both eyes) when I was 60 years. Had heart bypass surgery when I was 74.  As I am also diabetic for last 34 years, I take a lot of medicines. But recently I have a...

by User avatar ojit309191

Hi im new

Hello all im new

by User avatar MarJan_275996275996

I'm new here

Hello alll, im new to this site

by User avatar MlaPro276128

Hello! New joiner

Hi I have joined you tonight because I was looking up some answers for something's I didn't think others experienced. I no longer feel so alone in my situations and I wanted to be to interact and know more about some of these things. I am very young and have been learning new things everyday about...

by User avatar rayakay94261202

Im new :)

Hello, how is everyone?! :D

by User avatar christian_cowgirl283134