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If i ask a question on here will it be put as a public post on facebook?

Alright im gonna sound dumb but if i ask a question on here will it be put as a public post on facebook? I am looged on to this site with my account

by User avatar JorLug238074

Intro; nice to meet you

I am here to network with other medical professionals and learn about technical advances.

by User avatar martysteinbrucker218821


Hi Guys,I have just joined this community and I am happy to be here.I am a student of Warwick Business School in Coventry UK. I am currently undergoing my dissertation and my research focus is how trust affects member participation in online communities. I...

by User avatar Guest

Hello everyone

Just wanna say this forum looks great and that i’ll be hanging out here from now on.

by User avatar simanh170380


:-P Hiiiii Everyone just thought Id come alomng and introduce myself, My name is Sally and I am just browsing the net and found a few good posts I could reply to on here so rwgistered and hope to make some friends. :-D

by User avatar SallyA102526

Hello, I am a marriage counselor

Answered by a doctor

Hi my name is Dawn and I am a marriage counselor with a specialty in sexology (study of sex) I noticed the form and was interested in all of the questions that were being asked so great.....a few crazy.....but never the less I have answered many crazy questions in the past. I have a website...

by User avatar Guest

My first visit to the forum

Hi. Just wanted to say a quick "Hi!". I am new here and am looking forward to see what kind of questions are posed and what type of answers there are. I hope to learn a lot. And I hope to make new friends as well. I'm very interested in health, weight loss, nutrition, exercise...

by User avatar ReneeBarnesOrozco147152


What's good everyone. I'm new here and hope to share experiences as well as learn some new ones. In my opinion I think this site so far has been really helpful do to the fact that it answers some of my questions. Well anyways I'm glad to be here. :-)

by User avatar xxcutiexx143746

new here

Hello everyone I m new in this forum. Hope I'll enjoy my stay. Thanks

by User avatar dipanshi131379

Support for Anxiety, Panic Attcks, Depression and PTSD

Answered by a doctor

As a long time sufferer, survivor and finally conquerer of Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression and finally Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I felt that it was only fitting that I register on this site and offer my experience in relation to these terrifying and sometimes all consuming mental health...

by User avatar The Pyjama Boy101743