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Hello to everyone

Hello Everyone, I am new in this Forum hope to have good conversation.

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hello from Maryland

Another newby here. I am a retired nurse and always am looking up my friends and familys symptoms, lol.

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Hello I am Babs, and new to the site. Hoping to be helpful!!

I am a newcomer, and I can't wait to share information to make myself as helpful to others for their concerning health issues, as I know how "freaked out" they can make you! Not having a clue as to what is going on inside of your body can be torturous, and tormented by fear and what if's!   I am...

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Hi, I'm here introducing myself so I can have the privilege to post a big problem a friend of mine has been having.

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New to the site. : )

New to the site. : )

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Hello people :)

I'm a wannabe medicine student interested in real cases and trying to help if i can :)

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Hello. Yeah...the reason I really joined was to see if I could get some help, but it'd be kinda wrong to join just to make one post and see what I get. So...anyway. I can't offer much advice to other people, but I'll hang around. Hm..a little about me? Well..I'm 18, female, homeschooled; just...

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First time here

Hello everyone! I just registered - first time here. I am from Montreal, looking for some good health information.

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Hello all

Hi every one i am new my name is sam

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I suffer from anxiety attacks and binge drink

:-D hello to everyone out there, ive just joined :$ I was just reading the articles on anxiety attacks, alcohol or coming off it. I related to this so much i had to join. I really luv knowing that there are others who experience exactly wot im going through %-) o.O. As the way i get sometimes...

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