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Anything else besides water to drink for kidney stones

Answered by a doctor

Recently I had a huge problem with a kidney stone. It passed through my urinary system after three days. Those days I was suffering from a strong and constant pain. I drank plenty of water. Does anybody know is anything else besides water good to drink for kidney stones! What did you try?

by User avatar Guest

kidneys puss blood urine

Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 14 years old. She has had recurrent UTI's now for 4 years. Her urologist couldn’t even tell me what the name of the bacteria was and it happened several times that they were losing her culture. She has blood, protein, and puss in urine last time we checked. I took her to do...

by User avatar nail1671

Can kidney problems cause swollen feet and penis issues?

Answered by a doctor

Is swollen feet and penis symptoms of some kind of kidney problems?

by User avatar Ela

Flank pain on right side, previously diagnosed as Kidney stones and cysts in reproductive system

Answered by a doctor

I'm having some symptoms that I've been experiencing off and on for a while now. I'm a 24 year old female. If I could have any insights on what's going on, I'd be greatful. I'm in the processing of getting some medical coverage. In December I had a kidney stone, and since then I try to keep...

by User avatar Articuna52520

Pain in flanks

Hello, im 15 years old and after I take a shower, I have extremley painful, practically crippling lower flank pain. If teels like someone is squeezing my kidneys, or whatever it is that is hurting. It usually happens when ive had nothing to drink in the morning then take a really hot shower steamy...

by User avatar brockhampson181059

Kidney pain after being punched

Answered by a doctor

I took a direct shot, or punch, to the lower left side of my back. At the time I shrugged it off - it had felt as if I had just had the wind knocked out of me, but now three days later I have severe pain that feels as if it is deeper than just a tissue bruise and if I move the right way it feels...

by User avatar Guest

severe swelling and painful scrotum after passing the kidney stone

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 61yr old male passed a kidney stone in early afternoon, tat night had severe swelling and painful scrotum. On antibiotics and Ice,,,,anything else I can do ? Still swollen and very painful after 4 days !!

by User avatar Markus

pain in lower right side of back (Fractured rib? or Kidney stones?)

Answered by a doctor

I got a sudden sharp pain in the lower right section of my back yesterday and it rendered me almost completely unable to move. Since then I have been in chronic pain. Sometimes worse than others. I can't twist to the left or right. It's tolerable if I stay as straight as possible. Sometimes it feels...

by User avatar cdemeglio

Lower Back Pain and or Kidney Pain in the Morning

I know this sounds weird, BUT it could be your mattress. We just went through a horrible 3 month battle with a very similar thing. My boyfriend had kidney pain. Dr. saw that there were 2 small kidney stones, but that they were "non obstructing" so they did not want to do lithotripsy. We begged and...

by User avatar jenstonebreaker

Any natural cure for hydronephrosis?

Answered by a doctor

I am 35 years old and I have kidney problems, related to kidney stones (those occur easily and often). Those stones lead to different levels of obstruction and finally to hydronephrosis. Is there some natural cure for this condition? I am not so fond of heavy medications, herbal ones, that I would...

by User avatar clive49088