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How long is a referral wait time? Like urology-UW Madison??

I am miserable physically. Started with my GP and then local Urologist-bunch of testing- now I'm referred to UW Madison because apparently it's really serious. But I'm trying to be patient and I know it can be delayed so since holidays...11 business days(not including Christmas and New Year's Day) I...

by User avatar Kaynem07333405

kindey pain

my whole middle back is in pain and I think it is my kidney's It hurts to wald bend and breath. Everything is fine when I oee, so what is the problem

by User avatar chris

kidney stones formed due to being sedentary for a long period of time?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have heard that kidney stones can be caused by sedentary for a long period of time. I am concerned about this because I am working ten to twelve hours and I am sedentary all the time. I am economist. Please, tell me what I need to do to prevent kidney stones if claim mentioned above is...

by User avatar ringo161355343

kidney dialysis efficiency in comparison to a healthy kidney?

Hello! I know a girl which goes to kidney dialysis. She is very nice girl ad when I have heard this I was deeply sad. So, I want to know following: what is kidney dialysis efficiency in comparison to a healthy kidney. I am not expert in medicine field and I do not know much about this. I hope that...

by User avatar Guest

My unborn child has Polykistic Kidneys

Hi, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and at my 32 week ultra sound they found that he has polykistic kidneys! :-( So far everything is going good, as the fluid level is normal which means his kidneys are working well...I have to be transfered to another hospital to deliver just to make sure everything is...

by User avatar Tanya2871528

Is fluoroquinolone a good choice for pyelonephritis?

Hello, folks. My friend has been diagnosed with pyelonephritis. I know that this is an infection of kidneys. I would like to know if fluoroquinolone is a good choice for this kind of disease. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me something more about this. Thank you in advance.

by User avatar baxy203385803

Sponge Kidney

I have been told I have a sponge kidney. What is a sponge kidney and how does it work? I only urinate about 3-4 times a day no matter now much i drink. I had to go to the doctor today just to have my bladder emptied. Any information you could give me would be helpful.

by User avatar stayinpain39287

My Experience

Welcome to the torture chamber! First off, i am a healthy 44 and have no other health issues. It all started with a lower back ache. Being the typical procrastinating and complaining male, i would tell my wife that i needed  to see a chiropractor. This went on for 3 weeks. I was working out of...

by User avatar nyjr

Kidney damage due to Voltaren?

My husband has been taking the medication Voltaren for quite awhile and his doctor called to say for him to stop using it because it was damaging his kidneys. What does that really mean, are his kidneys going to shut down or what? Please help we're concerned about this! He also drinks alot of...

by User avatar sunshinegirl61

Want to get pregnant, but have a few concerns .

I kinda know how to do things, being as I helped my best friend through her whole pregnancy when the dad bailed on her.  But I am still a bit worried. But I want to know the risks for myself do to my medical record.  I only have one kidney(the right one). I was born without my left.  I have a...

by User avatar Guest