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I have 3 kidneys!

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I had some tests and doctor told me that I have three kidneys. Also he told that is unusual, but isn’t dangerous. What do you think about that? Maybe I should remove own kidney. About 26 year didn’t know that I have three kidneys. I don’t aspect to have similar experience, but do you...

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Yellow semen after passing kidney stone

Answered by a doctor


by User avatar CONFUSED

clogged urethrea stent

I recently had kidney surgery because of a large stone.  It was a PCNL surgery.  A stent was inserted. I started having vomiting and pains a few weeks later.  My doctor said stent was clogged with fungus and it has to be removed and another one inserted.  Has anyone ever had this?  Being...

by User avatar marip1318887

Prednisone for nephrotic syndrome and having moon face as a side effect

Am taking Prednisone 55mg per day for my nephrotic syndrome issues. And now am getting moon face as a side effect wat can I do to get rid of dis?

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Scars in Kidney

Answered by a doctor

Long, sorry I have had quite the past two months. Had lithotripsy on left side to treat two large stones. Week later had horrible pain in right side. Original urologist refused to believe that there was a stone on right side due to the fact that it did not show up on any of the x-rays. Ended...

by User avatar kjhbf

kidney transplant success rates?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am in a great dilemma. A very close friend of mine has been suffering for a long time from a polycystic kidney disease and now hers kidneys have failed. She has been going to dialysis and preparing for kidney transplantation. The problem is that none of her family members can be donors because...

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Having sex with stents

can you have sexual intercourse with a stent?

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kidney infection treated with antibiotics and my symptoms are back after 7 days

May 23,2018 I found out I had a kidney infection the doctor told me if I would have waited longer my kidneys would have been damaged maybe worse critical he gave me 7 day antibiotics I been off the medicine for a week now and my symptoms are back again could the infection be back or maybe never gone...

by User avatar Courtney A365621

Benign kidney tumor with ovarian cyst, UTI and frequent urination

Answered by a doctor

I have just been diagnosed with a 5mm AML posterior cortex upper pole and was wondering same thing. I was in ER for pain when they discovered this and an ovarian cyst. I’m 48 yrs old and have frequent UTIs and pee a lot!!

by User avatar Scottishgirlster365489

Can I Golf while awaiting surgery for a Large Kidney stones?

 Can I Golf while awaiting surgery?

by User avatar Heather365406