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Not sure if this is the correct forum, right side flank pain

Answered by a doctor

1st post hopefully somoene here can give me advise becase I have given up!   I have right flank pain, frequent urination at night, starting and stopping of urine and not emptying blatter. I am 35 years old and this has been going on for 7 years. It started out very slowly, just frequent...

by User avatar ceril191119

Ureter Stone removed through RIRS and a stent was placed, now they found another stone

I had a 12 by 5 mm ureteric stone which I got removed through RIRS and a stent was placed for 2 weeks..after the stent removal one more stone of 5 mm is observed in the ureter at the same place after 15 days... My kidney is under moderate hydronephrosis. My doctor told me to wait for a week and...

by User avatar Ashisb

What other cure is there for kidney failure except dialysis and transplantation?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, guys. My friend suffers from severe kidney failure. He is in severe condition, but he refuses dialysis and transplantation. I am not sure what he will do. Is there any other cure for the kidneys except those he has already rejected? I would appreciate your answers. Thank you for all your...

by User avatar Guest

should a stent detach and painfully pass through bowels?

should a stent detach and painfully pass through bowels ? With out anyone checking on this even after several hospital stays (in)11/6/17-11/8 ,11/10/17-11/15/17, this is when stent was passed 11/17/17 -11/18/17

by User avatar Deborah

White particles in urine

Answered by a doctor

I recently had Lithotripsy and then Stents to remove kidney stones. Then the stents were removed.I was fine for a week after and then all of a sudden I have no bladder control and serious spasm at the end of urinating. I strained my urine and these white cotton like things came out. I looked under...

by User avatar eli2149308

what are the kidney donation risks? i am going to donate my kidney to my sister

what are the risks of kidney donating.I am to donate to my sister.can I live full life?what does studies on kidney donors or one kidney removed people show

by User avatar wedi adi361850

What does right renal superior pole calculus identified mean, from a radiology report?

What does right renal superior pole calculus identified mean, from a radiology report?

by User avatar Guest

Problems with non-functioning kidney after 36 years

I am hoping to find someone with a similar situation. I have been searching the web for two moths so far and have not found one forum where there was a situation like my husbands. My husband was born with a duplicate ureter. After sometime it was discovered the urine had infected the right kidney...

by User avatar worriedwife2003

Can you develop kidney stones because of the hyperthyroidism?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have heard that hyperthyroidism can develop kidney stones. Regarding the fact that I am fighting against hyperthyroidism, I am very concerned about this. Please, tell me what I should to do to prevent this if this claim is true. I hope that you will be able to help me with this. Thank you...

by User avatar shannah32353344

Kidney stone and burning in the tip of penis, I also have stent fitted in

Answered by a doctor

I got a stone stuck in my ureter past week I been having burning in the tip of my penis and pain about half way down my penis that feel like a stinging nettle with little pain in side of stomache am I nearly ready to pass stone in my bladder I also have stent fitted any suggestion would be grateful

by User avatar Jason