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What does right renal superior pole calculus identified mean, from a radiology report?

What does right renal superior pole calculus identified mean, from a radiology report?

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Problems with non-functioning kidney after 36 years

I am hoping to find someone with a similar situation. I have been searching the web for two moths so far and have not found one forum where there was a situation like my husbands. My husband was born with a duplicate ureter. After sometime it was discovered the urine had infected the right kidney...

by User avatar worriedwife2003

Can you develop kidney stones because of the hyperthyroidism?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have heard that hyperthyroidism can develop kidney stones. Regarding the fact that I am fighting against hyperthyroidism, I am very concerned about this. Please, tell me what I should to do to prevent this if this claim is true. I hope that you will be able to help me with this. Thank you...

by User avatar shannah32353344

Kidney stone and burning in the tip of penis, I also have stent fitted in

Answered by a doctor

I got a stone stuck in my ureter past week I been having burning in the tip of my penis and pain about half way down my penis that feel like a stinging nettle with little pain in side of stomache am I nearly ready to pass stone in my bladder I also have stent fitted any suggestion would be grateful

by User avatar Jason

what is healthy when you are living on only one kidney

Living with one kidney

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Kidney stones in men

Answered by a doctor

I know this is probably a place for guys but I cannot find anywhere else to post this it is Last monday me and my boyfriend went to the ER and they diagnosed him with having kidney stones... he got a cat scan and all that and they said the stone was almost in his bladder... they put him on...

by User avatar worriedgirlfriend

Looking for any possible suggestions. Kidney pain/abdominal pain/pelvic pain/etc. (Long post)

Answered by a doctor

First, let me say that I am really not sure where to post this. Sometimes my symptoms seem to be gynocologically related, sometimes gastrointestinal, and sometimes renal in nature. I will try to summarize as best I can, however I have had these symptoms for almost 9 years and have seen alot of...

by User avatar Colebrey143166005

pulled splint out after kidney stone surgery... Will I be fine without returning to the doctor?

Answered by a doctor

I had kidney stone surgery using sound waves last week... Can I pull out the splint myself? What happens if it accidentally gets pulled out? Do I need to return to the Urologist or will I be ok?

by User avatar adam121

when or how will I know the stone has entered my bladder? I also have three kidneys

39, male. Worked a full day, no issues. Then 5pm. Bam. Severe pain on the left side of my back. I have a limited medical background so suspected either a stone or possible UTI. BMs have been normal and no (visible) signs of blood in urine. Had a urinalysis  (Blood detected) and CT Scan. 5mm...

by User avatar Heath

Cause of Chronic Kidney Disease? Will it cause kidney failure?

One of my cousin is suffering from Chronic kidney disease.Will it cause kidney failure?What are the causes of Chronic kidney disease?  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use

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