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Are antidiarrheal agents good for lactose intolerance?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. My son has been experiencing diarrhea after taking milk and we took him to the doctor. After examination and tests, he was diagnosed lactose intolerance. I would like to know if antidiarrheal agents are good for this kind of condition. I would appreciate all your advices. Thanks for...

by User avatar jeniece78575980

Post vaginal hysterectomy

Answered by a doctor

hi i am four weeks after a vaginal hysterectomy and and anterior and posterior repair i was on iron for anemia and dihidracodine for pain i stopeed dihdracodine as it was constipating me i also have crohns or colitis never been confirmed and this weekend i have neever been out  the toilet passing...

by User avatar Alaine

lactose intolerance and cheese

Answered by a doctor

My husband's favorite meal is pizza. I would like to make this for him more often but, every time he eats it he gets sick. I suppose that it happens because of lactose intolerance. Pizza has a lot of cheese, or he like it that way. Is there any way that I can make him his favorite meal, by using...

by User avatar vivyanne31064

lactose intolerance safe products

Answered by a doctor

I am preparing a picnic basket. I and my girlfriend are going to country and my duty is to take food for our first picnic. But I have a problem. My girlfriend has lactose intolerance and she is not supposed to eat milk and dairy products. What are lactose intolerance safe products?

by User avatar lauritz25835

Is milk allergy affecting my birth control pills?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I’m allergic to milk for years and I learn how to live normally with this allergy. But now I’m wondering something. I started to take birth control pills few weeks ago and I didn’t ask my doctor is milk allergy affecting my birth control pills. Does anybody can give me answer...

by User avatar dagmar31253611

lactose intolerance causing diarrhea?

Answered by a doctor

I decided to "go on" with my daughters "get use to" different kind of food. I started to give her whole milk. I was explained that in every new change of food she eats I can expect some problems. But, I also heard that some babies are not able to digest big amounts of whole milk. How should I know...

by User avatar stephannie42349

lactose intolerance and mayonnaise

Answered by a doctor

i'm lactose intolernant, but i get the same side affects from eating mayonnaise or other foods with eggs. why?

by User avatar Lola1

how can weight be gained with lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

My husband is so thin and he has been diagnosed with lactose intolerance about two years ago, what can he do to gain weight, he is already drinking ensure twice a day just to maintain his weight, if he stops drinking them he loses even more.

by User avatar beccyr44

Comments and reviews on article "Milk Allergy in Infants and Young Children"

Answered by a doctor

Users comments and reviews on article Milk Allergy in Infants and Young Children by Dr. Shelley Narula

by User avatar Guest

I have lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

Hi ! I have lactose intolerance but I'm not sure if a have severe lactose intolerance. What are the symptoms for severe lactose intolerance. Can anyone help me please?

by User avatar Guest