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lactose intolerance pills

Answered by a doctor

Is there any chance for me to start taking some medications and not always take care what I am eating. I am so tired of food planning, avoiding ice-creams, some cookies I like and reading ingredients list on every single box. If there is anyone with similar nightmare, please tell me what do you do?

by User avatar myer46119

lactose intolerance in infants

Answered by a doctor

Did you ever think that a new born baby can bring sadness in your life instead of joy and happiness? That is happening to me. I was so happy that finally got pregnant, and delivers a baby, when some bad news occurred. My baby was crying every time after breast feeding and had gases. Our...

by User avatar karena34399

lactose intolerance started in pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am in my first trimester of pregnancy. At first, everything was going on as it should have. Now I have a problem. It all started with gases. Later on, I was experiencing stomach aches. This really worried me. Because of that, I went to see a doctor. After some tests that were taken, I was...

by User avatar jonis44723

what is lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

There was some discussion at my work today. A colleague of mine was talking about hers child sickness. I heard only a part of this conversation, but I was confused when I saw her after it. She had that frighten look on her face. I also heard that my colleague's daughter has lactose intolerance. What...

by User avatar gypsy42282

are there lactose intolerance warning signs?

Answered by a doctor

My wife and I are about to adopt child with some disease called "lactose intolerance". I suppose that or social worker will inform us with all the details about this, but before this I would like to learn more about it. I always hate to be told about or deal with something I never been hear about....

by User avatar ewell33524

secondary lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am a bit confused. My friend enjoys having milk and dairy products. After having some problems with his health, he visits doctor on regular bases. Beside the problems he was complaining, he was also diagnosed with lactose intolerance. What confuses me is that his condition was graded as...

by User avatar beaufort46231

what's it like living with lactose intolerance?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, recently I saw a TV show that was about people who, as far as I understood it, can not drink milk or have any dairy products at all. Apparently, they are suffering from a condition called lactose intolerance. I have never heard anything about that. Can you tell me something about this illness? I...

by User avatar lauritz25835

what could have caused lactose intolerance in my child?

Answered by a doctor

My child was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Both, my husband and me have no history of this condition in our families. That was the first thing doctor asked us. That gave me an idea that it might be inherited. But in our case it is not. What could have caused lactose intolerance in my child?

by User avatar latrena26360

testing for lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a problem. In my life I consumed milk and dairy products daily. You can say that I got "hooked" up on them. Recently I started having pains in my stomach. They were followed by gases and diarrhea. A friend of mine told me that I could be lactose intolerant. What does this mean and how is...

by User avatar lukas32767

chemical problem leading to lactose intolerance

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have an "interesting" medical history. For as long as I can remember, I had to take some pills. It is as if the diseases glue to me. Last couple of months some new symptoms arose. I have gases and diarrhea. I did some researches and found out that I could be lactose intolerant. Someone told me...

by User avatar cordie34773