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Can I eat yogourt while lactose intolerant?

I've recently found out that I'm lactose intolerante earlier this year. Lactose only badly upsets my stomach. But I got told that you can eat old cheese and yogourt  even if you are lactose intolerante. Is this true?Thanks

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EBT and Lactose Pills

Do you think that lactose intolerance pills should be able to be purchased while using an EBT (food stamp) card? After all it does has to be consumed and it is a necessity just like food is a necessity. Without these pills lactose intolerant people do not have a wide variety of what they may...

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could my baby be lactose intolerant?

I have been noticed that my baby is having problems after breast feeding. Many people told me that it is normal for babies to have cramps and gases. Also I was told to give him a Camomile tea. I tried, but it wasn't helpful. I am expecting my husband to return from his business trip, and to take my...

by User avatar retha41581

I became lactose intolerant

Hi, I am a twenty years old girl. I enjoy drinking milk all the time. The problems started a month ago. At first I did not pay much of attention to it but now they are really bothering me. I have gases that have placed me in embarrassing situations more than once. Sometimes I have unbearable stomach...

by User avatar aliza34632

lactose intolerant recipes

Hi, my birthday is coming up very soon. I am already planning a party. Generally, I know what I am going to serve. Preparing food was never hard for me. You can say that I even enjoy it. But there is a problem. One of the guests that should come is lactose intolerant. As far as I know, this means...

by User avatar tory32993

Not sure if i am lactose intolerant or..

Me& my boyfriend had sex for about 7 -13 minuets, it was my first time, there was no orgasm, and it was unprotected.. a little while before, i had given a hand job, and he barely ejaculated on my hand. I'm really scared that i might be pregnant. My period should be coming soon, like this...

by User avatar thewhowho3264386

allergic to milk

I think I might be allergic to milk for I don't feel well whenever I drink it. I have nausea and feel like vomiting each time after drinking milk or after eating cheese also but milk is especially tough on me causing me severe diarrhea problems and stomach bloating and cramping. Is there anyone...

by User avatar maximilien50875

lactose intolerant and I need milk

It seems that things are not going as well as we would like sometimes. It seems that I am lactose intolerant but I need milk! I have extremely hard workout program with strict diets but I organize it so that I can have one meal per week when I can eat anything I want. And it included milk but it...

by User avatar dalis34775

lactose intolerant weight gainers

Hello! I have given birth to a beautiful girl 5 months ago, and on our last check up the doctor told me that she may not be gaining enough weight. The possible reason she outlined is lactose intolerance. It is still left to see what we are going to do about her not gaining weight but I would really...

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How to take Phillips' Liqui-Gels?

I have severe constipation and beside that I have heart problems and I am already taking many medications. I have never had stool problems, and I think that problem is actually a side effect of drugs I take for my heart condition. Unfortunately, I had to use those drugs in order to prevent further...

by User avatar hazlett34345