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My lip finger are swelling

30 minets ago my finger started to swell and know my upper lip what is it????

by User avatar Annie Mevon234712

allergic to paba . Do parabens contain paba?

I use sunscreen but am allergic to paba. Do parabens contain paba?

by User avatar marcy

have a reaction to a medication

hi there i had gone to the hospital last weekend with what i thought was a reaction to bug spray. the doctor said that it was a sinuses infection. they know that i'm allergic to all cillin medection i even had a bracelet saying that. the doctor gave me medication with cillins in it. i didnt know...

by User avatar dmadma1121

Am I allergic to Avalox?

Recently I had big problems with my lungs. I couldn’t breath. First, I thought it was some cold or fever sign but, even after I took a pack of antibiotics- symptoms stayed the same. There so, I had to contact my GP. After he examined me, he determined that I suffer from bronchopneumonia because...

by User avatar Guest

Eyelid swelling due to Clindesse?

Hi, i've had several allergic reactions in my life, but only to prescribed antibiotics thus far. My typical allergic reaction symptoms include sweating, difficulty breathing, tongue and lymph nodes in neck swelling, and a bit of mania/psychotic induced mood. also i've had hives once. I recently was...

by User avatar beanunit9014

How to detect salicylate allergies/intolerance?

Hi, I am very often using salicylate when I have headache or some other pain. My very good friend told me that allergies on salicylates are very often and she scared me pretty much. I would like to know how to detect salycilate allergies or intolerance if it appears? Thank you.

by User avatar drud44085

Best antihistimine

Hi, I am allergic to dust. My nose id blocked, I can’t breath or talk properly, I have eczema on legs, sometimes I have areas under eyes so swollen that my eyes become closed. I am taking Claritin, but my symptoms are not completely healed. Which antihistamine drug is the best?

by User avatar Guest

Irritation and Pain from Bikini Zone Medicated Creme

I have wanted to remove my pubic hair for quite sometime. I generally trim and shave around the area of the Vagina but not wanting to nick the labia I don't do a complete job. I was looking at some products and selected both Nair for the sensitive bikini area and Bikini Zone Medicated Creme...

by User avatar ouchie44

Do you know anybody who is allergic to insulin?

I would like to help my father as much as possible. He has been diagnosed with diabetes and it seems that he is having some problems with insulin. Actually he had a serious allergic reaction the first time he took his therapy. Do you know anybody who is allergic to insulin? How will he be able to...

by User avatar nelia41604

Comments and reviews on article "Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS): Symptoms & Treatment"

Users comments and reviews on article Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS): Symptoms & Treatment by DannyElle

by User avatar Guest