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my son is allergic to paracetamol

Answered by a doctor

How come my son was not allergic to paracetamol when he was baby but everytime he takes medicine like tempra,calpol and biogesic,there are rashes coming out into his body. He is 4 years old

by User avatar marissa

I am allergic to all antibiotics!

I am so glad I am not alone!!! No one in my town has ever heard of this!!!  I am allergic to all antibotics. I am a teacher and fear everyday. I am going to Mayo in 3 weeks.  I have been pretending it isn't true but then I remember it is.

by User avatar Guest

Allergic to many kinds of pain medications (percocet, fentanyl, tramadol). Can I try something else?

Question: I have tried several pain medications such as, percocets, morphine, tramadol, dalidid, fentanyl, methadone. So far that's all, and I'm horribly allergic to all of these things. I've got my pain doctor stumped. Any suggestions of something different I could try?

by User avatar Guest

Allergic to all antibiotics. Why is my body doing this?

I am 61 years old and I started with a penicillin allergy when I was about 25 or 26 as the years have gone by I've become allergic to more and more antibiotics to the point where there is nothing that I can take that I'm not allergic to I have had anaphylactic shock rash hives difficulty breathing...

by User avatar Barb

Chest pain due to Prozac

Answered by a doctor

I am 17 and have been taking Prozac for 2 and a 1/2 years now. Every couple of months I will get these incredibly horrible chest/throat pains about fifteen mintues after I take 30mg Prozac. It wakes me up from sleeping and feels like a knife is in me. I usually go to the bathroom and throw up. My...

by User avatar Jaimie16721182

Allergy to paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen

Answered by a doctor

My 25 year old daughter has develop an reaction to first paracetamol, then when she tied aspirin and ibuprofen it effected her in the same way. She has taken these medications before for bad headaches but has never suffered from any reaction until recently. Upon taking these...

by User avatar Guest

Should i get a flu shot?

I just got one last night, as the doctor considers me an at risk patient. Do you get a flu shot?

by User avatar Cappy

can a penicillin allergy diminish over time?

Answered by a doctor

can penicillin allergy diminish with time?

by User avatar Guest

Are Paracetamol allergy sufferers also allergic to Asprin?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I would like to know something about the medications I have been using, I had a fever and I took Paracetamol. I have to say that I have felt some relief in a very short time, but I also started to feel some nausea. So, since I was obviously allergic to Paracetamol, I decided to switch to...

by User avatar finley48503

Swelling of upper lip in teenage daughter

Answered by a doctor

My 15 year old daughter developed a swollen upper lip in Dec. 2005, to which it tripled in size. I thought it was an allergic reaction to Aleve,(she had taken it before but had no side affects) so I called poison control and they instructed me to give her Benadry, which I did, and it seemed to help....

by User avatar mom_2_2