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Allergy can be cured

Answered by a doctor

I was worried about allergies from grass, could not find a sensible means, until friends advised me not to see the site (see below). and medications to help me

by User avatar Aydar176138

Sudden allergy to doxycycline?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I was prescribed doxycycline last year for a case of epididimitis and i recently had a flare up of it. So I started taking the few remaining pills that I had left. about 3 days ago i started to just get very blurred vision and a loss of appetite. Is it possible that i suddenly became allergic to...

by User avatar Guest

lidocaine allergy

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I am a 32 year old woman and I had an operation a while ago. I had lacerations on my forearm. So now my doctor thinks that I am allergic to lidocaine. The local anesthetic had a nasty reaction . I have an appointment in couple of days and I don't know what to expect. What is done in those...

by User avatar caroljean26359

Insulin allergy for several times. Diabetic for 20 years.

Answered by a doctor

I have become allergic to my insulin several times since becoming diabetic (20 years ago). I currently have the problem of extreme swelling that worsens every time my doctor adjusts my insulin. I will gain 10 pounds overnight (literally) from a 5 unit adjustment. Unfortunately, as my body does not...

by User avatar spencerandcat124325

Allergy persists. I\'m diagnosed with allergy to Macrobid.

Answered by a doctor

I was recently diagnosed allergic to Macrobid. Was prescribed esteroids for two weeks, I finished my prescription but mild symptons still persist. What is happening, does it take over 3 weeks for the symptoms to disapear?

by User avatar Guest

main symptoms of a penicillin allergy?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I would like some facts about the penicillin and the main symptoms of a penicillin allergy. My son has taken this med for his bacterial infection but the next day he got skin rash and it seems that his lips were a bit swollen. Should we be concerned? Is penicillin something that he has to...

by User avatar fancie105181527

Allergic to Penicilin. Can I smoke weed?

Answered by a doctor

hi im allergic to penicilin, and i was wondering if i smoked weed would i have any allergic reactions? thanks

by User avatar Spark117947

hives caused by thyroid pills--even after stopping, the hives persist

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with low thyroid in Dec 08 and started on a low dose of armour thyroid. Several weeks later I developed hives on my arms. I was switched to a synthetic thyroid pill but the hives came back. I switched to Iodoral but they came back even worse.I stopped all medication, including my...

by User avatar copper

Novacaine allergy

Answered by a doctor

I am hoping someone there can help me. I have been told that I have a novacaine allergy, so I was tested for both types of caines, ester and something else I can't remember now. Anyway, I am wondering what an alternative to this for dental work is, since I can not have general anesthesia either....

by User avatar corabella935

Anybody knows why some people develop penicillin allergy?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am trying to help my kid as much as possible and that includes finding out why he is allergic to penicillin. Thank god there are so many different meds today so we can easily compensate for that allergy but I am still curious. Anybody knows why some people develop penicillin allergy?

by User avatar shirleen141553967